Some Bunny Loves You…


I found this cute card in the Silhouette store (#56692). I am pretty sure that my boys will love them.  I used some Stickles on the tails and heart for sparkle.  I also like that it didn’t require me to use too many different pieces of paper. I now find myself looking at how many different papers I will need when I pick out designs to cut on the Silhouette. It isn’t that is takes long, I just don’t always feel like doing it. I have been using a lot of scraps when necessary to avoid cutting only a little out of a whole sheet (hold please…the hoarder speaking right now!).

somebunny2I also changed the words to a print and cut so that I didn’t have to bother messing around with little letters and adhering them to the paper. I will have to show a tutorial on how to do that on one of my Silhouette Sundays.

Well I am off to run some errands. One in particular, to buy the boys something nice to wear for school photos. Don’t ask when the photos are being taken…yup..tomorrow.  I don’t know why I wait until the last minute.

Have a blessed day my friends.



‘Miss You’ cards

missyou2I haven’t made many ‘Miss You’ cards but always want to send them.  I think of a friend or family member that I haven’t seen in a while and think of how I would like to see them or of a funny story shared together and then a fleeting thought occurs, why not make a card and send it?  What do they say about the thought counting?  Well I have lots but I sure don’t act on many of them.


So when I was making up cards, I made a few miss you cards and intend on making more in the future because I really do want people that I care about know how much I think about them.

My friend April who comments on here has been inspiring me with the many sympathy cards and cards she makes for the troops. So I think I will have to add them to the list to make in the very near future.

Have a blessed day!


Happy Monday! Some new cards to share

thankyoujar1I decided a while back that I had started to stop making cards for friends and family because I kept making cards for my shop. But I enjoy the reactions I get (yup, glory to be had!) from family and friends when I send them a handmade card. So I am on a mission to make cards that I can share separate from my shop.  This is one of the cards I made while at the crop. I used this cute Silhouette file (Design ID #54492). I think it is still on sale so snatch it up if you can.  The cool think about this file is that you can save the inverse (hearts from the jar) and use them on another project.

I made a couple different ones with a little different sentiments.


New Product Release at Belinda’s Crafts – two new Valentine’s cards


Hello Everyone, happy Tuesday! I am pleased to share with you two new cards I created to put on my Etsy shop.  Lately I haven’t spend much time talking about my experience with developing this company. One of my goals of this site when I created it was to document my journey creating this company as well as share my personal creative endeavors. I now know after running this company for almost two years, that there is definitely an ebb and flow a peak and a valley when it comes to the process. I have times where I am bursting at the seams with ideas and production is up and then there are times when I can’t break past my procrastination or life with two little boys keep me from even sitting at my desk to create.


An important thing for me is to feel good with taking a step back from time to time and not feeling guilty. It’s a balance.  A good friend of mine who had her own business once told me that the company more or less will consume me as it did for her. So I have made it a point to keep mindful of boundaries. To still create fun stuff for me and this blog is one example of that.  It is one of those outlets that lets me babble and share ideas with friends. So when I completed these cards a few days ago, I was pleased to have something for the shop but worked on not beating myself up for not having more to products to sell. Because at the end of the day, I have been having fun and been playing Wii with my boys. I simply refuse to miss out on this goodness that is before me.

The two cards are Valentine cards that I created using lovely Saturated Canary digis.  I used both a Basic Grey collection and My Minds Eye for the paper and super cute MFT stamps for the sentiments. I hope you enjoy them. I will be placing them up on Etsy later today.

Have a blessed day my friends!




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