Halloween craft: Making a Halloween Village

halloweenhouses1A few weeks ago, I was in Michael’s with the boys and Nicholas picked up all these Halloween house kits in the clearance section. He said, we should make these and I was so floored that I quickly put them into the basket.  So last week, we all sat around in or PJs and each one picked a house to assemble.

halloweenhouses2Nicholas picked the Ice Scream Shop and with a little help from Leao made this masterpiece above.

halloweenhouses3I was stuck with the largest structure. I think it was because I let the others choose first.

halloweenhouses4Apollo chose the Tricks or Treats shop and he even put real candy inside.

Leao had the Spooky doctor house. Which he claims came out the best but I kindly reminded him that we were not in competition.

It was really fun and took quite some time and now we have them displayed in the kid’s hang out room (no longer play room because  I have been informed they are too old for play rooms!).

I hope you all have a fun Halloween and a great weekend!


Shrinky dinks with My Boys


Hello Everyone! Happy Monday! I had to run some errands today so I was unable to post the happenings this morning.


When I was little I remember loving when my mom and I would use shrinky dinks. We made such cool things. One of my favorite things to make was keychains.  So for a few years now I have been thinking about doing it with the boys. I have bought the sheets that you can stamp on etc. but hadn’t used them.  So I loved the idea of a kit with a theme. And I don’t know about you but monsters were  definitely appealing to my boys. So I picked up the kit from Michael’s.


It was fun watching them each take turns looking into the toaster oven to see their creations curl up and shrink then lay down flat.  It was a short activity and I am finding that this works best for them. I lose them if I try to get too involved.  Which is quite easy for me to do since I enjoy creating.

shrinkydinks4Another cute thing about this kit is that it came with a little background and stands for the monsters. This would be a great craft around Halloween.

Well I am off to go do some reading. I have book club tomorrow and I still have 150 pages left of reading. Thank goodness it is a good book!

Have a blessed day!



What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday – #177

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is well. Today I started working on making my son’s Halloween exchange. The kids used to be able to exchange Halloween cards and candy but we now have a no food or candy policy at his school. So I often make his cards. This year he is in third grade so I stepped it up a notch and made cool pencil holders.

I found some Halloween paper laying around my craft room to use for a boy design and a girl design.

So I managed to finish making all the components and only need to assemble them now which doesn’t take very long.

I used distress ink for the little labels I punched out of white cardstock to coordinate with the pattern papers.

I always manage to make thing more complex than necessary.

I used purple and green for the girls and orange and black for the boys.

I actually enjoyed making the boxes best.

Building more of the components

I used my Cricut to cut out the perfect size accent for the front of the case.

I finally got some use out of my Cricut that seems to be catching dust lately.

The final cases have two pencils and Nicholas is going to make something to put in each for his classmates.

Finished cases.


Front and back shots of the cases.

Well I am ready for some snooping and that’s just what I’m gonna do!

If you haven’t learned about this amazing creative journey you can take every Wednesday, then head on over to Julia’s Stamping Ground and you will find desks from all around the world for What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Have a blessed day!



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