‘Miss You’ cards

missyou2I haven’t made many ‘Miss You’ cards but always want to send them.  I think of a friend or family member that I haven’t seen in a while and think of how I would like to see them or of a funny story shared together and then a fleeting thought occurs, why not make a card and send it?  What do they say about the thought counting?  Well I have lots but I sure don’t act on many of them.


So when I was making up cards, I made a few miss you cards and intend on making more in the future because I really do want people that I care about know how much I think about them.

My friend April who comments on here has been inspiring me with the many sympathy cards and cards she makes for the troops. So I think I will have to add them to the list to make in the very near future.

Have a blessed day!



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