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Inside My Craft Room – My love wall

As you know, I have a wall were I display art, photographs and paper crafts. I love this space because it is the first thing I see when entering my craft room from the first floor. So it kind of sets the mood before I sit down to create. I am calling this display ‘my love wall’. I snagged some cool heart lights from Target for additional fun lighting for when I work in the evening.

I purchased some wooden X and O blocks from Target and decided it would be fun to paint them. They didn’t come out quite as nice as I would like for two reasons, one I forgot to lightly sand the wood and my gesso that I use to prep the wood was old and chunky!! I made sure to ditch it after I finished this project so I can purchase a new jar.

The fun thing about making things for my craft room is that the pressure is off so I can make mistakes and learn from them without the pressure of something I create for my shop. So I took a couple days to paint these.

I am not sure what to create on this wall next. So I will just leave it up for a while. I mean, come on, who can’t use a little love to inspire them?

Have a lovely day!

Coloring Calendar – February

Yay! I finished coloring this one before the month ended! This one is Hooded Grebes. They were only discovered in 1974 the Hooded Grebe is found in regions across Argentina and possibly Chile. Since their discovery their population has dropped between 80-95% mainly due to the climate crisis which makes their water sources dry up.

For this month, I only used my Prismacolor pencils. I am hoping to use some of my other pencils in this calendar but for this one, I went with old faithful.

I will end this with a video of the Grebes mating ritual. It is quite funny.

Happy Birthday Ella!

Yes, I am officially a crazy dog mom and I bought a dog cake and a couple decor items to celebrate our dog’s first birthday. It is a big milestone and a first for my family. This is our first family pet and we all have grown to love her very much.

Much bribery took place to get her to stay under her birthday banner and the cake was brought out last minute. Based on her size she was to only eat 3/4 of the cake and she tried to down it all in one bite so I had to pry out some to prevent the over indulging diva.

As we witness her going through all her doggie stages, I can only wonder what she will be like a year from now. Right now she is definitely embracing her teenage years and we are working to undo naughty habits. But overall, she has brought so much joy in our household, I am so grateful to be her adoptive mommy.

Have a lovely friends.


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