Happy First Day of Fall!!!


Sweaters, beautiful foliage, crisp morning air, bird watching, new beginnings, soups, books with a blanket, tea and pastries, walking the lake, pumpkins, apple picking, pies, fall fashion. What is there not to love about fall? It’s so yummy and truly my favorite season. Of course I realize a large portion of that list which wasn’t exhausted by any means, contains quite a bit of food, which is why I have to ramp up my workouts in winter!!

I remember last year, I couldn’t help but take photos all around town when I was running errands of the magnificent trees as they turned all their pretty hues of red, orange and yellow. When people ask me if I want to move from the northeast, I think of that list up top and despite the hard winters, I would truly miss this. I will never say never but right now, I love my falls in the northeast.

I hope if you are in the hemisphere that’s experiencing fall, that you take time to soak it in.

Oh and the photo above is of my miniature fairy garden.

Have a blessed day!


Happy Monday!!! The Pats Won and Other Happenings

meinstudioGood morning everyone! Happy Monday! That’s me today and do you see that fan in the background? Well it is muggy today and I refuse to use my air conditioner on September 19th. Ironically Leao and I talked about removing the window units last week. Then today happened. I am hoping the rain will cool it off. Either way, it’s me and my fan today.

I had a great weekend. Can I first recap with a football update? Well yesterday’s game had me on the edge of my seat the whole second half. Why you ask? Because our backup quarterback (Jimmy Garoppolo) was in the zone. I mean, he was delivering the mail baby! We reached a 21 nothing lead and then what happens? A three hundred pound player landed on his shoulder and that was all she wrote. So he had to get pulled out of the game and our backup’s backup (Jacoby Brissett) came in the game. Now, in pre-season I saw him play and he was solid but there’s nothing like an unexpected entry to a game in the real season. So he didn’t have his most stellar performance but we still managed to make a win of it. However, it was one of those, where you are biting your nails down to the last minute.  Thankfully the football gods answered my prayers and we won. So although I was so devastated that Garoppolo was hurt during his time to shine, I am glad we still managed to pull off a win.artfestivalOn Saturday, Leao and I took the boys to Revere’s Art Festival. It took place across from Revere Beach. So it was fun to walk along the water on our way to the event. I love seeing artists display their crafts. One day, I would like to organize my art to sell at a craft fair but it requires a lot more effort than I would like to put forth at this time.artfestiva2The weather was fantastic and I got into a lengthy chat with an artist who also uses alcohol inks to create her art. Can you find my in the picture?  I bought this piece from that same artist and I am trying to find the right place in my craft room to place it. For now, it is on my desk.artfindsAfter the festival we headed on over to a favorite, Kelly’s, for some naughty fried food. I decided shrimp and fries would fit my appetite. kellysThe first time I went to Kelly’s was at this location with my friend Natana, way back during the college years. They have since opened a few more locations. One of which is in Saugus  but I rarely go because I try to limit the fried goodies in my life.  Which makes each occasion truly yummy.kellys2This weekend, I completed a book and started a much anticipated sequel by Tahir Sabaa. I will be sure to write up some reviews for the Nook soon.

Hope you are having a Happy Monday!


Happy Monday! Fall and Football joy


Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I had a nice weekend with my family too. We attended the annual Founder’s day in our town. The boys like walking around and getting pizza and I of course needed my fried dough.  Nick went off to hang out with his friend’s while Apollo, Leao and I checked out the vendors. Not much to my taste but I did pick up a free sample of honey and am enjoying it in my tea as I type right now.  I snagged 2 great books from the library sale for $2. Now that is a bargain! We also spent time with my in-laws on Sunday and had a belated birthday celebration for my mother-in-law. I picked up the most gorgeous variety of cupcakes from Whole Foods instead of a cake so we could all just indulge for a bit. I have to admit it was pretty yummy.  I realize in my haste to inhale those yummies, I forgot to take a picture of them. I would love to have showed you all the pretty details they put into them.


On one sad note, one of my favorite supermarkets (Hannaford) closed it’s doors on Sunday at 3pm. A new market called Big Y will be taking it’s place. I hope the staff stays because they are absolutely lovely and I hope they continue to stock some organic items.

But what really made my weekend was the return of the Patriot’s and football season. I watched the 1pm game and then when we got home, I prepared for bed and watched the Patriot’s play. It was hard not seeing our quarterback at the helm due to his 4-game suspension but the game was exciting right up to the last few seconds. Go Pats!!

Fall is my favorite time of year from the clothes, colors, foliage, food and football. I get excited as it approaches each year because it’s like a New year for me. I know January is the New Year but I celebrate new beginnings twice a year. Once in September and then in January. I also base my work schedule around the school year, so this is the time of year, I begin creating new product lines and ideas flow so naturally. The crisp morning air rock’s my world and the football anthem playing on the TV fills me with hope for new beginnings. It’s so funny how much joy I have doing a simple thing such as watching the games with Leao and my father-in-law but I really look forward to it each week. I also have a friend who we virtually watch the games by texting each other after bad calls or crazy plays.  It’s been our ritual for some time and it’s another way she and I connect each week. It’s great fun.

So I hope today and the week ahead is beautiful for you and remember to slow down to cherish the moments because they are always there waiting for you.


Flowers From My Garden


flowersHello! How are you today? I am feeling sore. I started a new workout routine on Monday and I am embarrassed to say, I am still sore. Taking the stairs are brutal. I was suppose to repeat it on Wednesday but I opted for stretches yesterday and relaxing Yoga this morning. But nothing seems to make a difference except good old fashion time.

Oh and one vent for the morning…it is about the tissue in the pocket  You know, ladies, that one day you don’t check all of the pockets before placing the laundry into the wash. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. In my haste this morning to pop a load of laundry in the wash, I skipped the pockets check. Of course it’s the day, I am washing my new black pants. Let us pause for a minute and have a collective sigh…….. So when I went to remove the items to place them in the dryer, I was greeted with my new black pants with little specks of white all over it. I said a few words (keeping it G-rated here) and then I located the source. I may not reveal the culprit, to spare feelings but I will not skip that process again.

Other than that, I am feeling very happy. I just completed reading another book so stay tuned for another book review in my Nook.

The wind we had a few days ago, did not leave my garden untouched. My beautiful Dahlias had a few casualties. As much as I like cut flowers particularly in the winter months, I tend to leave mine in the garden. I don’t know, I have every intention of cutting them and placing them in a vase and rushing them up to my craft room but I just can’t bring myself to violate them in nature. So as a result of the winds, one of my giant Dahlias took a beating and one of them bent the stem. So I felt ok clipping them to bring them into my home. Isn’t she beautiful? They are so huge and there are two buds that haven’t even opened yet.

Well back to work I go. Hope you are having a blessed day and don’t forget to check those pockets!!



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