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Hello and welcome to Belinda’s Crafts. My name is Belinda, and I am a colorist and paper artist.  I select both digital and physical images (In the form of stamps) and combine a variety of mediums such as watercolor, Copic blending, embossing to create high-quality paper products.

My product lines include greeting cards, bookmarks, and other stationery items.

I enjoy the process of selecting an image and putting it down on paper then watch it “come to life” as I add color to it. I like the tactile experience working with stamps, papers, and markers to create different moods. There are endless possibilities because I apply so many different mediums and paper crafting techniques to each product.

I am a one-woman boutique, so I produce at a slower rate savoring the experience. My love of nature shows through the variety of floral products as I am an avid gardener. I spend many hours cultivating my vegetable garden and flower beds in the spring and summer.

I am also a professed, book nerd. I always find ways to squeeze reading into my daily routine. So, it was a natural extension for me to begin creating bookmarks.  My love for black culture has led me to assist in filling the void that manufacturers miss by the limited offerings of black paper products. I create card collections that celebrate black people so that we can see ourselves reflected in the products we use to correspond with others.

As a child, I signed up for as many pen pals and as possible and I would cherish the letters when they arrived in my mailbox. Tucking them away in a box to be viewed over and over again. With more people using social media, there has been a dip in traditional mail correspondence. For that reason, I think that sending my cards to friends and loved ones, becomes even more of a special experience for both sender and recipient. Taking the time to connect this way is a beautiful thing and I am thrilled to be a part of that process.

I look forward to sharing my products with you and helping you to connect with friends and loved ones.


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