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Belinda is a mom of two amazing little boys and a wife to a loving and supportive husband. She loves papercrafting, gardening and curling up with a good book. This website is a mixture of all her interests as well as a peek behind the scenes of her new business, Belinda’s Crafts.

She discovered her love of paper crafting ten years ago and then got the “bug” while on bed rest with her first child.  It took the slow pace of bed rest to  to help her realize her love of working with her hands to create things.

She finds joy playing with all the pretty pattern papers which often times she has a hard time letting go (paper hoarder!), the stamps, the punches and all the cool scrapbooking products.

What makes Belinda’s Crafts unique you say?

Well Belinda grew up on Cape Cod in Massachusetts in a town with a small culturally diverse segment.  She often went to stores looking for culturally diverse products and cards and finding none. She always had a facination with various cultures and dreamed of blending her interests to create a company that could offer diverse products.

She always made cards for friends and family and they would tell her she should sell them.   Fast forward to today when she decided to open Belinda’s Crafts on Etsy to create cards and other paper products that infuse various cultures into their designs.

Belinda says that when she works her craft studio, she has a few requirements to get her creative ‘mojo’ flowing:

–          Load up her jar with Jelly Belly Jelly Beans (Yum)

–          Play music from her computer

–          Pull out all her latest pretty papers, stamps and markers

When asked what she likes so far as a small business owner so far, she says, “I really love looking at my finished products and look forward to sending them off to people all over the world in hopes that when they receive them, a smile sneaks up on their face too.”



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