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30 Day Coloring Challenge #4: Day 25 – Coloring Garden Lady Sadie

logoHello and welcome to day 25! I’m chugging away with 5 more days left for this challenge. Today I selected a digi from Mo’s Digital Pencil.  Her name is Sadie so I call her ‘Sadie the Garden Lady’!  It has a nice ring to it don’t you think?

day25aI sized her to work on my card base and had my Silhouette do all the work and cut her out for me.

day25bSkin and hair were colored first and then her clothes came next. I have been loving this shade of purple lately so I hope I don’t bore you by choosing it again.

day25cI finished coloring her but wasn’t able to get to creating a card for her. It’s dinner time in my house so I will have to save that step for tomorrow. So do come back and check her out.  My friend Ashley might be putting the clues together from yesterday’s floral card and today’s garden lady, that I am itching for spring to arrive so I can start poking around my garden.  She’s my gardening buddy.

Well let’s all do the happy dance because today is leftovers so I only have to push the microwave button!!!

Have a blessed night and I will be back tomorrow.


30 Day Coloring Challenge #4: Day 24 – ‘Hello friend’ floral card

logoDay 24 for me since I missed a few days I will be finishing after the challenge ends.

Today I colored up this lovely digi from Poppy Power. I knew I wanted a yellow rose and love yellow and navy together so I colored the second rose blue.

day24aI’m visiting my in-laws so I finished my lugged all of my copics and completed the card here. The light in her dinning room is fantastic so I used her table setting as my prop to hold my card. Like it so much I think she should give it to me!!

day24bI used a blue mat for the card and like how it came out.  I am going to go hang out with family but I will be out tomorrow with another day of coloring madness, oops I mean goodness!

Have a blessed Sunday!


30 Day Coloring Challenge #4: Day 23 – Cupcake card

logoGood evening! I’m going to bed but I’m really trying to be good about coloring and posting. I managed to color but the posting part not so much so here we go.

day23aHere is my completed card with this cute image. I love the pretty ribbon in her hair. I then started work on another card. I took a Power Poppy digital stamp and added a sentiment to it in Silhouette Designer Edition. I printed it on Copic  paper and started coloring.

day23bI didn’t get that far but will make sure to finish coloring it tomorrow and make another card.

day23cOk, I’m yawning. I’m going to bed. I’ll be back tomorrow.

Good night.


‘Whistle While You Work”

sweetsurprisefeb2016Last week, I was in the store with Leao and the boys and I came across this kettle. I immediately was drawn to the color and design. I walked over and picked it up and Leao came over and said, “Let me buy it for you.” I immediately said no. So off we went. A few days later I kept thinking about it but didn’t go back.

Well yesterday, after a long day of orthodontist appointments and book club meetings, the boys and I came home to find Leao home from work. We began putting our stuff away and gettting settled in and as I walked through the kitchen, I saw this beauty on my stovetop.  I was so thrilled. I immediately picked it up and discovered something I didn’t before, the words on the spout, “Whistle While you work”.  (think Snow White and the Dwarfs) Oh my goodness that is so cute.

Leao knows I love all things tea and I expecially love whistling tea kettles. It is so stinkin’ cute I can’t stop looking at it. It even comes with it’s own oven mit (see top left photo) to prevent burns when handling it. I keep putting the mitt on the counter nex to the stove when I make tea so I won’t forget.

I love it so much and I love that he knew it was still on my mind and got it for me. Love that guy.

Happy tea time my friends!



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