‘Whistle While You Work”

sweetsurprisefeb2016Last week, I was in the store with Leao and the boys and I came across this kettle. I immediately was drawn to the color and design. I walked over and picked it up and Leao came over and said, “Let me buy it for you.” I immediately said no. So off we went. A few days later I kept thinking about it but didn’t go back.

Well yesterday, after a long day of orthodontist appointments and book club meetings, the boys and I came home to find Leao home from work. We began putting our stuff away and gettting settled in and as I walked through the kitchen, I saw this beauty on my stovetop.  I was so thrilled. I immediately picked it up and discovered something I didn’t before, the words on the spout, “Whistle While you work”.  (think Snow White and the Dwarfs) Oh my goodness that is so cute.

Leao knows I love all things tea and I expecially love whistling tea kettles. It is so stinkin’ cute I can’t stop looking at it. It even comes with it’s own oven mit (see top left photo) to prevent burns when handling it. I keep putting the mitt on the counter nex to the stove when I make tea so I won’t forget.

I love it so much and I love that he knew it was still on my mind and got it for me. Love that guy.

Happy tea time my friends!



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