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30 Day Coloring Challenge #4: Day 18 – I Completed a Coloring Page!


Good evening my crafty peeps! I almost forgot to post my coloring for today. It’s the last day of vacation and I had a great coloring session this morning and then went off to hang out with the family. Then I just climbed into bed looking forward to some good reading and I remembered I didn’t write a post for today.

day18a As I mentioned yesterday, this coloring page is of the West African Goddess Oshun.  Today I really had fun working on this page. Typically my coloring projects are on a much smaller scale. So this was a fun change.

day18bI told you I was coloring today in the morning but what I forgot to mention is that I was in my jammies! And they actually coordinate with my mat on my desk – too funny.  I wanted to try to knock out some coloring early and then spend the rest of the day with Leao and the boys.

day18cHere is the finished piece. I looked up this goddess on Google and most representations of her were in a yellow dress so I colored her’s yellow and then the rest was me. I also looked up West African birds to see I could find one that was red and I did find one that had both black and red so I colored the birds that color.

day18dI covered her jewelry, headdress and lantern (think it’s a latern) with clear Wink of Stella for added sparkle. I was so delighted when I finished I grabbed something else to color and started coloring up this Saturated Canary digi. I have had her a long time and even had this one print and cut on my Silhouette so all I needed to do today was to color her.


I think it’s funny how the digis all have big feet. I have big feet too but I like to think mine are within reasonable proportion to the rest of me.

day18fI colored up her skin, hair and skirt first. I used my favorite denim color combo (B95/97/99) for her skirt.

day18gMaybe her shoes are Uggs. I don’t know I colored them that shade for a neutral color with all the pretty pink for the top and leggings. Tomorrow I will make her into a card.

I need to go to bed but I will be back tomorrow. Hope you had a blessed Sunday.



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