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30 Day Coloring Challenge #4: Day 8: Coloring Teacups


Hello everyone! It’s day 8 of the 30 day coloring challenge. Woohoo! I made it a whole week of coloring an hour a day. Yesterday was the shortest day due to Superbowl lovin’! But I’m back now and shaking it up a bit with some coloring book coloring.

day8aWhen I saw this coloring book at Marshalls I just knew it had to be mine and the price of $4.99 made my wallet happy. As a tea lover, I was excited to get a chance to color my own tea cups.

day8bThe book actually has a variety of vintage images of objects, buildings and flowers. So I don’t think this one will bore me.  I started off coloring with of the color pencils from The Board Dudes but I didn’t like it at all. So I ended up using some old Distress makers and American Craft’s Stamp makers.

day8cThe paper in this book is really thick so I was pleased to see no bleeding through. So next time, I might try my Copics. Which will give me much more color options.

day8dSome of the old markers had pretty used tips so staying in the lines wasn’t always very easy. I am so used to the blending and shading I can do with Copics so this was a challenge to use these markers. But I do like the end result and like the idea of completing the whole page since it is a relatively small book.

Today the boys had another snow day so this might be it for today but I will be back tomorrow.

Happy coloring!


30 Day Coloring Challenge #4 – Day 7: Superbowl Sunday coloring


Today is day 7 of the challenge and this is all I could complete for my coloring today. Super Bowl Sunday is to blame.

About a week ago, I did a no-no and had my tea on my desk while working. I somehow bumped the table and my hex chart was ruined. So today I squeezed in a little time to begin coloring up a new chart. I’m not sure I can count it for the challenge but I thought I would share it anyway.

Good night, see you tomorrow!



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