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Hello, my crafty friends! It’s Wednesday and I am am a bit late but you know what time it is. Time to snoop. For those of you that aren’t familiar with WOYWW (What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday), head on over to Julia’s Stamping Ground and you will find desks from all around the world where we get to snoop on other crafter’s desks.

Today is a cool but sunny day so I think this afternoon I will head out to do some weeding in my garden. The weeds grow so fast. I think when I go back inside they send a friend up to visit!!

Today I am working on a new card set. So first I am mass stamping up the images to be colored and cut out. I purchased the coordinating dies so the cutting will be a breeze. I can’t wait to color these adorable bees.

With this quarantine, I have been constantly trying to find new ways to keep it fun for my boys. One way is that every Friday, we get in the car, mask up and head over to Starbucks drive-thru for some chai. We have even begun to call it Friday Chai Day! It has become a new ritual that is fun and of course yummy.

A quick garden picture of my irises with wild phlox sprinkled around them. The purple is so intense in person and I always take picture of all the different stages.

I have been very cautious during this time and not going shopping with the exception of a couple runs to Lowe’s. The last time I went to Target was March 16th so last Thursday, I am pretty sure you ladies across the pond heard my squeal of joy as my husband pulled up to Target for my first return visit. One would think I was entering Disney’s park. I was that happy. It felt strange when I got inside but I walked around and looked at the current stock of items. It’s the little things that I miss like quick runs to Target to pick up items.

Like much of the world, this experience has made me want to capture time in a scrapbook. On our weekly, zoom craft session last Saturday, I worked on cards and this One Little Word album. A friend and I are working together for fun and accountability. We have fallen behind so our goal is to get all caught up by the end of June. I am really close to meeting this goal and it will be a major achievement that I will celebrate.

And finally, I have continued to work on that coloring page I showed you last week. I was hoping to have it completed but that didn’t stop me from sharing my progress. I am loving coloring this page and when I sit with it, I am finding it really comforting.

Please take care and stay well.



  1. The colouring page is coming along beautifully Belinda. Glad you enjoyed your outing to Target, it is surprising how things we used to take for granted are such a treat now. Cute bees! Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #17

  2. It’s the little things that have become harder in lockdown like the trip to Target or Starbucks – I’m glad you enjoyed getting out and having a little retail therapy! Your garden is beautiful and the colour if the irises is amazing, so vibrant, I love them. It is raining here in Wales so I keep the weeds in my garden will be shooting up just like yours, lol – I shall think of you when I’m pulling them up next time!
    Hugs LLJ 12 xxxx

  3. Hi Belinda.. Your flowers look so beautiful. The colours are glorious. Your colouring is really good, and I am so glad you are enjoying it. A trip to your favourite store… wahoo!, and I love the idea of your Friday Chaiday!!! A great way to celebrate with your boys. I have just been talking with one of my daughters, and she was saying similar – something special every now and again – just great.
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  4. Hi Belinda, the page is looking beautiful, gorgeous colours. I haven’t been out shopping anywhere since back at the start of March, being in the vulnerable group, and even though rules are being relaxed, I’m giving it a couple of weeks yet to see what happens with infection rates. Have a lovely week, Stay safe, Hugs, Shaz #13 X

  5. Haven#t been anywhere other than grocery shopping since mid March here, and since my accident the other week I’ve even been doing that online. hope it gets back to “normal” soon!! Helen #1

  6. Lisa-Jane Johnson says

    I love how that page is coming along! I don’t have the Ivy book but I do have all of her others Have you downloaded her little daughter’s book too?! I’m having to repeat a couple of months with my OLW… Have a great week, Lisa-Jane #23

  7. Those little bees are so sweet, bet you’ll enjoy colouring those. I love that paper bag from Starbucks bet you could use that on a journal page or something. Your colouring looks lovely too. Wishing you a lovely week and a happy and creative woyww, Angela x19x

  8. Sorry I’m late. love the bee set, aren’t they adorable, and to be honest, without the die set, I wouldn’t attempt to cut them out! Dies have made me lazy. I’ve been to Target a handful of times and have to get my husband to drop me off, it takes me hours to go around because I don’t think we have a near comparison here. My sissy lives in Idaho and my husband often tells people we’re going on holiday to Target!! Love the idea of Friday Chai Day, I hope it continues long after lockdown!

  9. Cindy Ashplant says

    The bees are super adorable! Yes I miss those quick trips but it has also made me look a bit more carefully at what I actually have in my craft room!! Although I am doing an online order for foam tape right now as I have pretty much used up all my stock. I did think about keeping a lockdown diary but decided it would soon become pretty boring. I probably shuld have documented our hairstyles/colour though that might have been amusing. Good luck catching up. Happy (late) WOYWW, stay safe, stay well, hugs Cindy #12

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