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Silhouette Sunday #14: Planner Stickers

plannerstickers1Sorry I am so late to post, I have been watching football and getting distracted.

For the last month I have been on a new fitness plan to get myself in better shape.  I usually write down in my planner when I exercise.  But recently, I decided to take it a step further to document my routine in a more inspirational way. So I thought if I made stickers with my Silhouette, I could use them to keep track of my fitness routine as well as my meditation practice.


So I looked on the Silhouette store for fitness or workout files. Once I found the ones that I wanted, I filled them with the color that coordinates with my planner and set up the page to Print and Cut. I re-sized them to fit in my planner and let the magic happen.

plannerstickers3I couldn’t find one for walking so I just made one with the word ‘walk’. The first sheet I let the Silhouette cut the images out. It did an amazing job and I quickly stuck them in my planner. But then I got to thinking and decided to fill the page with more and cut them out myself in order to maximize how many stickers I could fit on the page. (Always trying to save a dollar!) Even if I increased the margins I still wouldn’t be able to cut as many as I would like.  I am fine with cutting them out when I need them. I even found one to use for my meditation and yoga practice.

Let me know what you used your sticker paper to make and if you haven’t used it yet, take the leap. It’s worth it.

Happy Crafting!


Fun Photos Friday #30: Brotherly love

funphotofriday30aI still love capturing the boys moments together.  This is them looking at a book Nicholas checked out of the library. I love how they don’t even realize they are sitting alike.

funphotofriday30bI came a little closer so I could see what they were reading.  Some graphic novel, I think.


As I watched them, they decided to take the fun to a reclined position.  Sorry for the blur but they were wiggling and I was rushing to get the shot.

funphotofriday30dNicholas read to his brother. I love hearing them read.  I can’t help but smile when I see them play together and especially when they read to each other. Now that’s brotherly love in action.

Have a blessed weekend friends!


My Sidekicks…

mysidekicksEvery great hero has a sidekick. Lately mine has been my Nook, my book and my planner.  This morning I was looking at them and really appreciating how they coordinate.  For me, having a book around me makes me happy. Because if I can steal a moment, than I will dive right in.  I am currently reading ‘A Thousand Pieces of You’ in print and ‘Half the Sky’ on my Nook.  I will post reviews when I complete them.

I typically only carry my planner around the house and it’s home is on my craft table so I can access my written calender anytime. I think the fact that it is so pretty, helps me spend more time with it than my previous planners.

Well, I’m off to the dentist and I bet you can’t guess what’s coming with me!!

Do you have sidekicks?

Take note and let me know below.

Have a blessed day!




Where am I?


Hello my peeps! I meant to post a new tag yesterday but I have been out of commission for the past few days. Feeling much better now and ready to make some magic but when I went to my craft table this morning, this mess you see above was there to greet me.

Now, I could just dump it on the floor and start crafting (which occurs often) or actually put things away.  Most of the mess is stuff I was working on last week and now added to it are things I brought to the amazing crop I went to on Saturday. Instead of putting things away when I got home, I have pulled out some and left most of it piled or in the bags I carrried in my room.

So today instead of an interesting post, I thought I would let my hair down and show you the ugly in my room right now. Hoping it will inspire a good cleaning.

I will be back later this week with something more interesting things to share and hopefully 100% health.

Have a blessed day friends!



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