My Sidekicks…

mysidekicksEvery great hero has a sidekick. Lately mine has been my Nook, my book and my planner.  This morning I was looking at them and really appreciating how they coordinate.  For me, having a book around me makes me happy. Because if I can steal a moment, than I will dive right in.  I am currently reading ‘A Thousand Pieces of You’ in print and ‘Half the Sky’ on my Nook.  I will post reviews when I complete them.

I typically only carry my planner around the house and it’s home is on my craft table so I can access my written calender anytime. I think the fact that it is so pretty, helps me spend more time with it than my previous planners.

Well, I’m off to the dentist and I bet you can’t guess what’s coming with me!!

Do you have sidekicks?

Take note and let me know below.

Have a blessed day!




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