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Where am I?


Hello my peeps! I meant to post a new tag yesterday but I have been out of commission for the past few days. Feeling much better now and ready to make some magic but when I went to my craft table this morning, this mess you see above was there to greet me.

Now, I could just dump it on the floor and start crafting (which occurs often) or actually put things away.  Most of the mess is stuff I was working on last week and now added to it are things I brought to the amazing crop I went to on Saturday. Instead of putting things away when I got home, I have pulled out some and left most of it piled or in the bags I carrried in my room.

So today instead of an interesting post, I thought I would let my hair down and show you the ugly in my room right now. Hoping it will inspire a good cleaning.

I will be back later this week with something more interesting things to share and hopefully 100% health.

Have a blessed day friends!



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