Happy Monday – A Moment of Gratitude!

Hello and happy Monday! I am getting this out late because I spent the morning nursing my garden. I say nursing because in addition to the funky weather this summer, our vacation getaways and my less than enthusiastic maintenance this last month and a half; my poor garden has suffered. So this morning after dropping off Nick, I decided to go salvage and care for my plants. My girlfriend, Ashley is one of my big inspirations and usually this time of year, I am sitting around a bountiful veggie garden and explosion of blooms and texting her about my daily happenings in the garden. But this year has to go down as one of much neglect when it came to the garden. So in the midst of my pity party, I put on my garden shoes and headed out to water and make adjustments, but I realized that despite the lack of care, there were so many things to be grateful for in my garden. Above is a Phlox that my former neighbor gave me before she moved. I just had to stop and smile at this delicate beauty.This lovely yellow rose bush was ripped out of the grown when we had some major plumbing work done in June and I was so afraid that it wouldn’t last after being transplanted to another area in my garden. But today, to my surprise I peeked behind my echinacea and there this single beautiful bloom greeted me.
I don’t know if you can see what’s happening in this photo but I had my sprinkler on my side lawn and went inside my house to talk with my son while I waited to move the sprinklers. I had set a timer on my phone to remind me to go out and turn off the water. When I came to the door to come outside, I saw between 6 – 8 birds (mostly Robins) running in and out to the sprinkler and washing off. It was the cutest thing to see. So the total bird-lover in me decided to let the water run a few more minutes to let them cool off and play.
I wanted to share these photos because I wanted to show how small miracles are happening around us all every day and all we have to do is slow down and be open to receive them. I could have stood out there and grumped about the veggies that didn’t come or the excess leaves that are already falling from the trees but I chose to look at the beauty that exists when I open my eyes. I am grateful for the nature that I can come into contact with right in my yard every day and I do not take it for granted.I know Monday can be stressful with all of our ambitious to-do lists but just make sure you pause for a few minutes in nature today and I bet you will be pleasantly surprised.


Happy Monday Catch-up and Gardening Goodness

Hello, everyone and happy Monday! It’s funny how I had so many thoughts of sitting down to write a post last week, but to be honest, the summer-like weather were experiencing kept me outside on my deck and in my garden. So Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there! I had the most relaxing Mother’s day yet and it started off with yummy breakfast-in-bed. My gift was awesome. They got me a year subscription to Ancestry.com. I will write a separate post about this so I can fully gush.

Last week, I began my first week of my spring Clean Cleanse. It actually helped a lot to have the warm weather because my water intake was great and eating more vegetables always seems to come easier to me in the warmer seasons. I am beginning week two and feel good. The first few days are always tough for me but the benefits felt, make it so much easier. More on this later.

My reading life took a hit with a slump but I have since recovered and will be writing some reviews of my recent reads in the Book Nook. I also have a book haul to share so come on back and take a peek!

As for work, I have been officially off from work for a few weeks, trying to rethink and plan stuff. I also have to begin the process of pairing down for our upcoming trips and summer vacation. I have decided not to send the boys to camp this year since we have two big trips coming up and they would miss too much for that to be a good choice. So I will be working out what they will be doing before I plan my reduced work schedule.

As for my gardening life, I planted my seeds in trays around May 10th for additional beauties to add to my garden this spring. I am not as confident when it comes to transplanting the baby plants when the time comes but it’s worth it when I am successful. So I am giving it a try again this year. Last year, with the advice of my garden girlfriend, Ashley, I had quite a few successes. So I’m at it again.

Leao painted our deck over and I am in paradise. That is my favorite place to be from May – late October.  We eat all of our family dinners there, I eat lunch there and breakfast in the summer. I spend hours reading there or listening to music. I bring my laptop and work out there, I color there. It’s my place. So when he said he was going to repaint it, I was ecstatic! That along with the new blinds makes it feel so warm and tropical.

I also received some happy mail last week. I didn’t know my name was entered for a giveaway when I signed up for an online class and this package arrived with all these great stamps and dies. I am so thrilled that they include sentiments so I can use them on different projects.  I rarely win anything so this was a real surprise. I can’t wait to play with them.

Well, I will leave you now and I hope that you have a blessed day!


Happy Monday!

Hello, everyone! I hope you are all well today. I have planted my butt in this chair to get some work completed today but first I wanted to check in with you.

Last week was a fun week for me. I coordinated my schedule with my husband so that I could spend a day and early evening hanging out with my crafty girlfriends. I call them that because if you saw the beautiful stuff they create, you would agree the name is quite fitting.  So Leao picked up the boys from school and heated dinner for the boys while I caught up with my friends. Somehow, I have allowed way too much time to pass since I last spent time with them.  However, moving forward, I would like to get to make it happen more often. Time is too short to skip out on great friends. I always am so happy about how wonderful I feel after a day with my girlfriends.  It’s good therapy!! While out with them I purchased the lovely cart for my craft room. It was 50% off so it was quite less than I paid for my IKEA cart I bought a few years back.  I needed another one and this is perfect. It holds my Copics at a lovely height that I can roll right up to my desk and color away. I also have some of my business journals that hold product ideas. I also put some of my genealogy resources in there and a storage for recent cards that I create. Love it! It makes me smile when I walk in the room. Yes, I am that geeky!!

While out with them I purchased the lovely cart you see above for my craft room. It was 50% off so it was quite less than I paid for my IKEA cart I bought a few years back. So I was really pleased with this purchase. I needed another one and this is perfect. It holds my Copics at a lovely height that I can roll right up to my desk and color away. I also have some of my business journals that hold product ideas as well as some of my genealogy resources. I put one of my card storage on the bottom shelf to hold the recent cards I have created. Love it! It makes me smile when I walk in the room. Yes, I am that geeky!!

This weekend was date night for Leao and I. We somehow fell off our schedule over winter and are now getting back into the swing of things. We brought the boys to spend the weekend with their grandparents and Leao took me to Sculler’s Jazz Club to go see Ravi Coltrane Quartet perform. For those of you who are familiar with Jazz you will recognize the name. He is the son of the great jazz musician John Coltrane! I have so much of his father’s music, I couldn’t pass up a chance to acquaint myself with his son’s music. It did not disappoint. We first had dinner and then went to the club to watch the performance. It was really fantastic.

We woke on Sunday and went for a nice walk on the track and then headed to one of our favorite breakfast spots to eat all the calories we just burned and then some.  It was quite yummy.  It’s just so much fun to have time for just the two of us. We always appreciate it because we don’t do it as often as in the past. So we are always grateful for the time.

I also picked up another book to read last week. My reading was slower last week because I was out in my yard dethatching and weeding.  But this week, I plan on playing some catch-up.

Oh and Saturday was National Free Comic Book day and as usual, the boys and I hit up some comic book stores for some freebies. Nick was thrilled and even had an artist at one store, draw one of his favorite characters. It was fun and Nick scored on some great sales to add more to his collections.

Well, I need to get back to work but I hope you have a blessed day!


Happy Monday!!

Hello, and happy Monday! It’s a bit gray outside this morning and I await possible rain to nourish my plants. Oh, and happy first day of May. This morning I am enjoying an amazing cup of Mahjong Chai Oolong blend from Teavana. It’s like love in a cup! I mean it, the aroma is intoxicating and the flavor is so satisfying. I am actually working on my second cup right now. I love loose teas because you can mix them for quite an amazing experience.

We had a lovely weekend. On Friday, I was on a little dandelion hunt in my side yard. Trying to stay on top of those pesky weeds. Leao and I headed to Lowes and purchased blinds for the deck. We installed them on Friday and they are amazing. They create a great ambiance and privacy when closed. On Saturday, my in-laws visited and while my father-in-law helped Leao replace broken areas in our fence and then paint them, my mother-in-law and I caught up and Apollo helped her set up her new cellphone. Then we indulged in some Kelly’s fried clams, shrimp, and scallops while sitting on my deck.  Yup, you heard me right, I had some fried food.  I rarely eat fried food so when I do, it is a real treat.  We had fun watching the squirrels and birds eat all the bird food I put in the feeder. We even saw a chipmunk and squirrel sit rather close eating the food! The temperatures were rather hot so it was nice to be outside. However, Apollo’s allergies were aggravated so I kept him off the deck for much of the day since the pollen count was extremely high.

On Sunday, we took Apollo to a friend’s birthday party to rollerskate. He gave it a try but will have to try again to get the hang of it. I was so proud of him for trying. I used to rollerskate when I was a young girl and I had those inexpensive skates that strap onto your shoes, then I moved up to full skates. I used to skate on my driveway and then the road then I moved up to going to the local roller rink and loved it. I didn’t skate on Sunday but told him, I would another time just in case I need to reacquaint myself. I had no desire to fall in front of all his friends that’s for sure.

I didn’t have much time for reading this weekend so I didn’t finish my intended April reads. So catch up this week is on my list of things to do.  What I really need is to find some larger chunks of time to immerse myself.

I hope you have a blessed week and I will check in later this week.



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