Happy Monday: Spring planning!

Hello and happy Monday! I hope you all had a great week last week.  Last week was our spring break so we did a few activities close to home and it was wonderful. I’m always a little sad to see them go back to school. I like having my boys near me but I have so many projects to do this spring that I need the time to work on them without interruptions.

Above is my first infused water of the season. I need to up my game with water intake and this makes a major difference for me. This one contains lemon, basil, and strawberries in it. It’s pure yum! I am also back in the gym starting today with more vigor because I have about 2 months before our family vacations begin and this one wants to fit into some shorts! Wish me luck!

I think I’ve already mentioned I have started playing in my garden in an attempt to prep for spring plantings. I will be starting my seeds indoors tomorrow. I feel like I am a little late on this because I couldn’t locate my mini indoor greenhouse. But Leao found it yesterday so I just need to get some soil and some popsicle sticks for markers. I am also trying to get my mason to come by and repair some walls that are damaged. It is normal “wear and tear’ but needs to happen sooner rather than later.

In my literature adventures, I have some great reads that I need to sit down and complete. I have some announcements about a new initiative with regard to my reading journey so stay tuned in Belinda’s Book Nook for an announcement.

My family history research. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve also really geared up my genealogy research and education over the past few months in preparation to finally start an Ancestry.com membership. This is such a rewarding project and I consider myself a newbie when it comes to genealogy work. Hence, why I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos and even purchased a few reference material. Something about this work really fascinates me and I am so happy I am finally committing real time to do it on a regular basis.

Product Development. I also have a long list of ideas that I want to try out for new products for Belinda’s Crafts that I somehow have been neglecting. One of my latest endeavors is to learn brush lettering. I would really like to learn how to do it.  Recently, I have begun to do the foundation research of all the materials that I need to buy and the resources to begin learning how to brush letter. I have to admit I’m truly intimidated but I’m up for the challenge. It would be a great asset for some of my products as well as for my personal projects. I have numerous craft projects that have been neglected and I will be setting aside time to re-establish some new deadlines. This time of year, my work schedule has to incorporate my gardening so lot’s of careful planning has to occur on my part or it becomes one hot mess.

The weather is supposed to be great today so I’m going go help Leao put prepare the lawn and put down grass seeds. If time allows I will also work in my deck flower garden and amend the soil in preparation for plantings.

The sun is shining and I am ready for a great day. Have a blessed one!


Happy Monday: Big Snowstorm on the Way!

Hello and happy Monday! Despite the pending snowstorm, spring is already blooming in my home. My girlfriend Ashley gave me this sign and I had to put it in my craft room because it’s definitely true. I do talk to my plants and this morning one bud had opened so I snapped a photo of it while telling it how beautiful she is. My only problem with these plants is their roots always come out of the containers. I am not sure what to do with them so I let them roam wild. But if any of you know if I should trim them back after the blooming season, let me know.

So yes, a storm is coming. It will arrive tomorrow around noon and we are also on a blizzard watch. Now, I know we have crazy weather but two weeks ago it was in the 60s. Now it’s barely 20 degrees!  I am pretty sure the boys will be having a snow day. We like snow days even though we have to make up days if we reach our limit.  I will snap photos tomorrow and share photos of our totals in snowfall. I am currently reading some great books for Women’s History Month so I will put aside time for that.

I had a great week last week and I started a new craft project that I will share as soon as it’s complete. I will give you a sneak peek below:

Yes, it has butterflies in it. My favorite!! I hope you all had a nice weekend and I will check in later this week.

Have a blessed day!


Happy Monday: Time racing by…

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Happy Monday: School vacation has come to an end.

Good morning, everyone! Right this moment while typing this post, I’m sipping one of my favorite Tea Guys tea and it’s called peppermint chocolate vanilla, a yummy Rooibos blend. The store that I normally buy it from had been out of it for a while so I was really surprised to see it there today so I snatched it up so I could have a cup today. The aroma alone makes me happy.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in blog land. We had our February vacation last week and I took the entire week off from work to hang out with my family. As many of you may know, I work out of my home office. One of the many challenges is to not blur the line between work and play so I really made an effort this time to avoid my office and my laptop computer so that I could really be present for my family. It worked and I feel very refreshed and ready to get back to my work routine. That’s not to say that I’m happy vacation has ended because I really had a good time.

We had a staycation which included watching movies together at home and having friends come over for hanging out. We visited a new comic book store and even slept over my in-laws’ home for a few nights where we played games and of course ate her delicious food. One day, we took a drive and spent the day hanging out at Dave and Busters playing games and eating yummy burgers and fries. We took the boys and my in-laws to go to the movie theater to see the movie Hidden Figures which was a great activity for celebrating BHM with the kids. They learned quite a bit from the movie. You know me so I also had to make time to sit and have reading time with the boys. and we all read our books and comics. We took a ride to go and visit the new Apple store that opened near us.

I was so thrilled yesterday when both of my boys told me they had a great week.  This is very important to me because my goal was a relaxing week sprinkled with fun activities and I think we were successful.  The weather was so amazing for much of the vacation and on three of the days it was warm enough to be without a coat and our neighbor’s kids came over and played outside with the boys while Leao and I caught up on the local happenings with our neighbors.

I also managed to do a bit of reading and tried to wrap up some of the books and the things that I wanted to read during Black History Month. I didn’t finish them all so I will just read the remaining books throughout the year as normal. I do have a few book reviews from last month that I haven’t had the chance to post.  So you should be on the lookout for those reviews.

Spring is in the air, and with that, my mind just begins filling with ideas of home-improvement projects and garden planning. Stay tuned for more on that.

This week, I’ll get back onto a regular posting schedule, as well as, my regular work schedule first. I hope you were all well this past week and look forward to meeting up with you again here this week. Have a blessed day!



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