Close up with King Tutankhamun

Happy Monday! On this clold cloudy day I thought I would share some photos from my recent visit to see The King Tut Immersion Experience. I knew as soon as I saw the advertising for this exhibit in late summer that I had to go to see this with my family. So I quickly reserved some tickets for September to avoid the summer crowds

I don’t know how the facination with King Tut has remained so strong all these years but I know I am not alone whenever I hear something about him and his civilization whether it be a documentary or an exhibit.

My son doesn’t like me to post his picture so it’s only my husband and I in the photos.

There was a mixture of physical items and large projections. It was a really unique way to present the life of this boy king that was very engaging.

Another way this exhibit was different from the ones I visited in the past. The way that the information was presented was utilizing the entire ceiling to floor space in this warehouse in such a unique way. We took my youngest son and I think we all agreed that the exhibit lived up to the hype. The finale was like being at something created at Disney World where we were in the center of the room and the imagery and audio was presented 360 degrees so you couldn’t help but get excited. And just like a great Disney experience, they lead you right into the gift shop before you can exit. Despite my resistance, we all found a couple items we just had to have.

I am so happy we added this to our weekend adventures list. I think the three of us won’t forget this truly unique experience that provided a glimpse into the life and discovery of King Tutankhamun.

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday – Some weekend art!

Museum of Fine Arts visit.

As soon as I heard that The Obama Portraits would be making a stop near me on their tour, I went online to reserve tickets for, my son, husband, and me. The weather could not have been more beautiful. We arrived about 15 minutes before our allotted time and parked in the parking garage.

I knew I wanted to see these portraits in person since I knew I wasn’t heading to DC anytime soon. They immortalize the historical moment in our history when a black man, was elected to serve as the President of the United States. It’s so amazing since growing up I never thought that it was possible and seeing images of black people holding high office and positions of importance, is not as common as I would like.

Another amazing fact, was that they commissioned two black artists to create these beautiful portraits. The exhibit also included information about these artists.

First of all, I could not believe how large these portraits are and I could not believe we were able to get so close to them while experiencing the exhibit.

I brought my youngest son because I wanted to provide him with the experience.

We walked around a little bit to see a few of the other exhibits but unfortunately, the timing was after lunchtime and we were starved so we headed out to a cool local sushi place for lunch.

This archway was so ornate, I had to make my husband take a picture of me under it. Luckily no one was entering that space yet so we quickly snapped a few photos so I didn’t have to have strangers in my picture!! You know what I am talking about. When you go on vacation and you pose for what you think is going to be a lovely photo and later you look at your photos and see a stranger in the background either looking at the camera or in the most unflattering state!! ha ha.

On our way to the garage, we saw these giant baby head sculptures and I was drawn to them to take a few pictures.

We had a lovely day and the exhibit was well worth the price of admissions. I hope you had a lovely weekend friends.


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