Happy Monday! Fall and Football joy


Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I had a nice weekend with my family too. We attended the annual Founder’s day in our town. The boys like walking around and getting pizza and I of course needed my fried dough.  Nick went off to hang out with his friend’s while Apollo, Leao and I checked out the vendors. Not much to my taste but I did pick up a free sample of honey and am enjoying it in my tea as I type right now.  I snagged 2 great books from the library sale for $2. Now that is a bargain! We also spent time with my in-laws on Sunday and had a belated birthday celebration for my mother-in-law. I picked up the most gorgeous variety of cupcakes from Whole Foods instead of a cake so we could all just indulge for a bit. I have to admit it was pretty yummy.  I realize in my haste to inhale those yummies, I forgot to take a picture of them. I would love to have showed you all the pretty details they put into them.


On one sad note, one of my favorite supermarkets (Hannaford) closed it’s doors on Sunday at 3pm. A new market called Big Y will be taking it’s place. I hope the staff stays because they are absolutely lovely and I hope they continue to stock some organic items.

But what really made my weekend was the return of the Patriot’s and football season. I watched the 1pm game and then when we got home, I prepared for bed and watched the Patriot’s play. It was hard not seeing our quarterback at the helm due to his 4-game suspension but the game was exciting right up to the last few seconds. Go Pats!!

Fall is my favorite time of year from the clothes, colors, foliage, food and football. I get excited as it approaches each year because it’s like a New year for me. I know January is the New Year but I celebrate new beginnings twice a year. Once in September and then in January. I also base my work schedule around the school year, so this is the time of year, I begin creating new product lines and ideas flow so naturally. The crisp morning air rock’s my world and the football anthem playing on the TV fills me with hope for new beginnings. It’s so funny how much joy I have doing a simple thing such as watching the games with Leao and my father-in-law but I really look forward to it each week. I also have a friend who we virtually watch the games by texting each other after bad calls or crazy plays.  It’s been our ritual for some time and it’s another way she and I connect each week. It’s great fun.

So I hope today and the week ahead is beautiful for you and remember to slow down to cherish the moments because they are always there waiting for you.


Fun outing with family: Seeing the Patriot’s play at Gillette Stadium!


Leao and I snuggling up a bit before the football game began.

Leao and I snuggling up a bit before the football game began.

In wasn’t until about 9 years ago that I began watching football. My mom loved to watch football and was a big New England Patriot’s fan.  Leao surprised me two years ago and took me to my first Patriot’s game at the Gillette Stadium.  I couldn’t stop talking about it.

My ticket

My ticket and it’s going into my scrapbook!

I was more than excited when Leao bought tickets for his brother,dad and I to go to the game.  His dad is a big football fan and both he and my brother–in-law had never been to a game before.  I was happy for many reasons but one big one is that Leao was able to provide such a great memory for his dad who is getting older.  Being able to create these special memories with family is what I like most and I know Leao will always feel happy that he did this.

Before the game stretching.

Before the game stretching.

It was great to see all the  aspects of the game live as opposed to on television.  Like how the players come out early to stretch and then run drills.  It was fun to see them interact and some of them even dancing to the music that the stadium played. Then they go back inside to wait to be announced for all of us and the TV watchers to see.

Seeing them upclose was so much fun.

Seeing them up close was so much fun.

It was a cold day but the sights and sounds of the stadium and the crowd keep your mind elsewhere.



The first half  the Patriot’s played poorly but as they have been doing, the very last minute they pulled out a win.  So a sweet ending to a very frustrating game. Win or lose I was so happy to be there and will definitely do it again.

I hope to make it a ritual to attend at least one game a year.  I am grateful for the opportunity we had to spend with family and look forward to more in the future.

Have a blessed day!





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