Silhouette Sunday #8: Card Sketch Organization


Hello Everyone! Happy Silhouette Sunday.

Well I am on my way on Thursday for a 4-day craft escape. So one thing I like to use at crops are sketches for inspiration.  So I decided to use my Silhouette to create tags that I could put my card sketches on and then I could easily flip through them to find some inspiration.


I used to print them out on large sheets of paper but this system works so much better. I get happy just flipping through them. I might even organize them by 6×6 card sketches or some other categories. The beauty is that it is on a ring so I can rearrange and add very easily.

sketchtags3I printed them right on my printer and then cut them on my silhouette. I printed them on white cardstock so they would be durable.


I settled for a little under 4 inches.

I am so thrilled when I think of other ways to use my machine.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what other things you have been using your machine for?

Have a blessed day!



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