Happy Monday!!

Happy Monday! What time is it?  Well, I had every intention of writing this post and pushing it live by 9:30 this morning before I began work cleaning out my desk. Well, I woke surprisingly early despite daylight savings and completed my morning workout, then headed to make the boys lunch for today. But wait…no bread!!!! Arrrrrggg!! So I tell them both that I will pick up bread when I run to grocery shop and then drop off their lunches. I run my errands and drop off the boys lunches then I go to make their beds (yup, I’m back to making them on weekdays because they will never get out on time) and realize they didn’t wash their sheets this weekend so off the sheets must come and of course my planned 2 loads of clothes today must be bumped back to wash sheets. Ahhhh!! I almost made matters worse by boiling some eggs for a late morning snack when I realized it was Meatless Monday. Luckily I remembered so this morning has not been a complete epic fail!

Hmm and you wonder..is it a happy Monday? I still am very happy for I have so many things to be grateful for. Our renovations are coming along. Slowed by the scheduling of the carpet installation but this gives us more time for the painting. The crown molding is complete and taped for painting to begin. I had been working in my living room for the past week and missing my craft room dearly. So today I decided to clean my desk and block out all the furniture, books, mattress etc. that has invaded my craft oasis. So after the clean, I sat down to write to you. I am also tickled because I get to spend the entire upcoming Saturday from morning until night with my crafty girlfriends. It’s been too long indeed!

I am also happy for the cute tea mug you see in the today’s photo. I had been eyeing it at the Starbucks in Target until I finally go to buy it today and it was sold out. Luckily my town seems to breed Starbucks so I drove to the next one which is literally less than 5 minutes away and picked up this beauty. Now, any of you that have read more than a few posts on my blog know my love affair with tea and all things to do with tea. So this mug is making me smile right now. Don’t you love the cork bottom? No dishwashing but I don’t mind. The size fits perfectly in my hand and I love the lid. Bumped to my new favorite right now.

I must go because now that I have a clean desk, I still work catch up on before pick up.

I hope you all are having a blessed day!


Happy Monday: Birthdays and Renovations

Well hello and happy Monday to you! October has been quite a busy month. My niece and nephew already celebrated their birthday earlier this month and we celebrated my father-in-law’s birthday this weekend with lobster and games. But today is one very special day for me because of the fact that the most important woman in my life was born … my mom. She passed on in 2007 but she has not faded from my heart and mind.

As I begin to do more genealogy research, I feel happy to revisit both her and her families stories. I want to leave the boys with the connection they deserve. I know I will not stop celebrating her many achievements or her birthday. So today I will pause a little longer to remember that on this day, the most amazing woman in my life was born and she made it possible for me to be here today.As I get older sometimes I catch myself dreading the number I will become each year but I really need to celebrate them all because it is such a blessing to be here with my family and friends. That is what I should focus on rather than dread “getting older”.  Remind me I said that on my next birthday!!On another note, last week we have begun the process of renovating our bedroom. So to say my house is in disarray is quite the understatement. We are sleeping in our guest bedroom, furniture is everywhere especially in my craft room, we can only use one bathroom (thank the stars I had boys or I would go insane). But when it’s complete, I know it will be so worth the wait and inconvenience.Leao is doing all of the renovations and he has begun with the removal of the popcorn ceiling. Then he will do any patching and then he will install crown molding. I love the one he put in the boy’s bedroom so that is the one I selected for ours. This is the original color the room was when we bought this house so many years ago. But I have selected a very bold, deep color that I will share when we get to that stage.

Lastly, despite the gloomy day outside, I am quite happy especially with the Patriot’s winning last night. I hope you have a blessed day and I’ll be back soon!



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