Happy New Year!!!

Hello Everyone! It’s been way too long since we’ve been together. I had every intention of writing and posting January 2nd but I was overwhelmed with vacation laundry, meal planning and now our first winter storm which was a blizzard that dumped over a foot of snow with below freezing temps and school canceled for two days. So I have been a little preoccupied. First, an update on our master bedroom renovation… The walls have been painted, crown molding has been installed, we bought a new bed frame, bought and installed new window blinds and a ceiling fan. Now I am going to slow down and slowly add accent items and new side tables. We will also be adding a new seating area. I am trying to be mindful and not just rush through the process. I have to say, the clutter-free room feels great. When I go to bed at night I am truly in an oasis. Even if I still have some purging to do in the rest of the house, I feel great about our bedroom.

We spent our Christmas and New Year’s vacation with my in-laws and had so much fun. We worked on puzzles. My sister-in-law thought we weren’t’ challenged enough so she even ordered and had an additional puzzle shipped to us. The boys didn’t want to do it so Leao and I along with his parents took up the task with gusto!While at my in-laws home we had amazing food, shared funny stories and played a lot of game playing. We even had a few days of football to watch. I feel blessed that we live close to them so our kids have grown up with them in their lives.  I know as they get older, they will want to do other things with their time but right now, they are just as thrilled to go as my husband and I.  They even had some quality time with one of their aunt and uncle too.We love board games but one that my youngest hadn’t played the original Monopoly. He’s played the newer version called Monopoly Empire and he has played it on the Xbox but it’s not the same. So this year, we brought it out and let me tell you, it was priceless watching Apollo as his collection of properties grew and had the opportunities to buy houses. He absolutely loved it. He also won which made it even sweeter for him.The snacks my mother-in-law made were so yummy. I think I ate a dozen while watching football and my pants are now reminding me of the indulgence.I still enjoy taking photos of everyone even though its been years since I have created a scrapbook. Later each day, I send some photos to the family that could not attend so they can share in the celebrations virtually.Some years, we have big gatherings when more family can attend but even when it’s a small group we have fun and I know the memories will last forever.

I have so many exciting things to come in 2018 for this website. I can’t wait to share them with you and to connect to see how you are doing.

So have a blessed day and come on back!


Happy New Year!!!

Hello Everyone!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and vacation. I had a great time. I spent it with family and tried to cherish every minute. The boys loved spending more time with family and of course receiving some gifts.

So many plans are rushing through my head for this new year. I am currently working on some designs for new product lines for Belinda’s Crafts and will be sure to keep you posted when I release them.

I am also working on redesign concepts for this blog and some restructuring.

I already made one change, by adding a new link from the main page directly to Belinda’s Book Nook. Look up on the top navigation bar.  I did this because I noticed I really read a lot last year and want to share more of my book happenings with you all. However, for my book blog friends, it will be easier for them to navigate directly to my book blog with a direct link. It can also be accessed on the right sidebar in the categories box but I find some people aren’t aware and don’t use that navigation as much. So I will be restructuring to make this blog more simple to navigate.

I also will be flushing out a new posting schedule that will include a lot more content in the three main areas of this site:

  • Blog –  Where I will post general stuff and family happenings as well as my thoughts on things.
  • Project –  This will include much of the crafty happenings including but not limited to: Silhouette Sunday, Cardmaking, Creative Play, Copic Coloring, Hauls, Project Life, Product announcements
  • Book Nook – This is where I will have all things book related including but not limited to: Reviews, Hauls and other weekly features.

I hope you all are well and I look forward to another amazing year!

Have a blessed day!



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