Happy Monday!

So excited about my giant Dahlias.

So excited about my giant Dahlias.

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a fun weekend. I had a nice time with my family.  I am still trying to heal my left foot so we had to skip the beach this weekend. This makes me a little sad since fall and school are fast approaching and that means beach days are over.

Today I am going to get some x-rays taken of my foot to see if it can help us determine the best path to healing.  I believe it is one of those things that time off of my foot will really speed up the healing process. But it is really difficult for me who is pretty active.

My picture today was taken this weekend of my giant Dahlias. I planted them at this location this summer and it has made all the difference.  I had Leao take this photo to show my father-in-law.  This was my first year that I saved the bulbs and replanted.  I never do that and now I am definitely going to do it every year. I am enjoying seeing them surround my deck while I put my bum foot up to rest.

Have a blessed day!



  1. Hi Belinda

    Thanks for visiting me this week and your kind words. Love you blog and will be back for a better read when I have some free time. Especially love the photos of the water park, looks like you had some great fun. wish there was something like that here but we need way more sun though!

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