Fun Photos Friday – #13

Happy Friday!  The week blew past and another weekend is upon us.

A new game guide arrived!

A new game guide arrived!

Clearly my boys have not inherited my inability to truly master basic gaming abilities.  Both boys seem to play their Wii and DS games a few times and then can run circles around most.

Nicholas also puts in time with game guides and online tips.  So when his latest game guide arrived in the mail yesterday, he was one happy boy.  I took one look at it and realized that even with a guide or online help, I am hopeless. So much so that when he asks me to “play” with him, he tells me to hold the guide and read for him. Which by the way is not playing.  What happened to Centipede and those games that I actually could play? I liked the simplicity of one control. Now you have to practically take a class to play some of the newer games. Oh well, I guess I must adapt…

Have a blessed day!


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