Happy Monday: Time racing by…

“Time is Precious Waste it Wisely.”

Hello, everyone! I hope you are all well and had a relaxing weekend. I say relaxing because it sure seems like time can race by in a blink. Now, I realize this statement is never said by anyone that is young. I mean, you never hear a twenty-year-old complain about time going by fast. It’s later in years, that we start to see time so very differently. For one, I never seem to remember what the date is unless I look at my Fitbit or phone.  But when I was a student and working outside of the home, that seemed to be no problem. But working from home and taking care of my boys, keeps me pretty occupied. The exception, of course, is when school breaks are upon us or a holiday. Because let’s face it, we all like time off.  I even use a planner for my work but I also realize I have a bookmark for the week so I don’t actually have to search for the current week. I just open it up and see my week’s schedule.

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.” —  Jim Rohn

So I rattle on about this topic because, in my quest to do so many things, I want to reconnect with my observance of the date daily. I think perhaps it might help me feel I have some magical power over slowing down time. Part of this is my approach to that ever so over-used and excessively abused concept of mindfulness. With a billion definitions and methods out there, that alone could take an eternity to explore and so I will make it up as I go along.  Because despite my complaints about aging, bad-hair days, my clothes fitting tight as of late, adult acne, etc. my biggest desire is to have more time or maybe I mean more quality time. I think it feels like a blur because I do a lot of mindless activities. I run through the routine and so never notice what’s really happening. This is not to say I will give up my work routine or schedule to support the boys but that I need to find a way to approach these routines with more presence.

“I try to live everyday as if it were the final day of my extraordinary ordinary life.” – About Time film

Today, I am going to try and use more of my senses while doing my daily routines to see if this changes my perspective of time. I will try to be more fully engaged and present.  I know that this will be challenging but worth the opportunity to see what comes of it.

I hope you have found a way to quality time all day and not just on special occasions. I am open to any suggestions of what has worked for you so don’t be afraid to share.

Have a blessed day!


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