Craft Corner: Exploring New Mediums

Hello, friends! Today I wanted to share my latest adventure – watercolor pencils. As you know, I enjoy using my Copic markers to create art. But lately I have been craving new techniques and craft mediums to combine with my Copic creations.

I went to Michael’s and picked up a Strathmore watercolor pad and a few new watercolor brushes to use with my watercolor pencils. First, I played around with blending two colors and discovering the different effects from the amount of pressure I apply when laying down my color with the pencils.

The watercolor pads were on sale but if you know me, I try not to waste anything. So out of two sheets, I was able to cut out the following:

I  cut pieces sized for use in cardmaking and being an avid reader, I was pretty sure that I saw potential bookmark sizes with a small strip to test colors on so no waste.

Next, I picked out a pretty stamp and used my trusted MISTI for proper placement of my stamp. The MISTI is another one of the best investments I have made over the years. I do need to re-order another magnet because somehow I mysteriously lost one.

After I stamped them all up, I let them sit a bit to ensure they were dry while I selected color combos and tested them on the little excess strip.

It was fun to watch the colors as they moved across the paper. It is such a different experience then when I use my Copics. I have a lot to learn but I think the watercolor pencils are a nice entry into the watercolor medium.

I can’t wait to place these on some cards and I am definitely keeping at least one bookmark for myself.

I like both color combinations. I have so much to learn but I will continue to keep playing around with this medium to see what I can create. Thanks for taking a peek into my Craft Corner.

Happy crafting!



  1. They look beautiful!

  2. Beautiful my friend! hmmm…. I need a bookmark.

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