Happy Monday – Cherishing Family time


Hello Everyone and happy Monday! With a new week comes new opportunities and adventures. I look forward to all of them as it seems summer is quickly leaving. A pleasant surprise came last week when we found out that Nick’s start date at his new school has been pushed out from today to next Monday. So he received the news of an extra week to celebrate summer with joy, as did I.


Today while I was watering the garden I was reflecting on last week and quality time spent with family.  We wrap routines and traditions into our days to come together as a family.  But at times, Leao or even my work schedules creep into our family time so when we do take time to be together, we make it special. We tried out a new restaurant last week and Apollo almost had me wet my pants when he looked on the menu and said, “Mom, look Sangria!”. I’m pretty sure I didn’t make eye contact with our waiter until our entrees arrived!!familyfun3Last year was our first year attending the Boston Comic Con and this weekend it arrived in Boston so we took the boys.  It was a flurry of people, comics, costumes and all around fun. I normally don’t like to be in crowds that dense, but I took one for the team! It’s nice when we attend events because work can’t interfere and I love the feel of our little unit.  Nick knew exactly what comics he was looking for and I even had a graphic novel in mind for myself. Apollo decided that he would add more Lego figures for his collection so we hunted down tables that sold them.


Once again, I was floored by all of the costumes. I mean, it was so much fun seeing all the costume details of participants. The fun thing is to ask people to take their photo. One of the things I learned from attending the first Comic Con, is that you can ask people to take their photos. Though they are strangers they seem to love the opportunity to show off their hard work. So I snapped away at all the fun sights while navigating the massive crowd and ensuring my family was intact. I kind of used Apollo as my steering wheel as we wound our way through the crowds carefully trying to catch glimpses of all the displays.

familyfun7Apollo spotted The Mystery Machine on our way in to the convention center and we had to stop to take a photo. We still enjoy watching classic Scooby Doo so it was so much fun to see a real live Mystery Machine.familyfun8As the boys get older, it might be more challenging to find activities that everyone wants to do. So I am cherishing all these little memories and locking them in my heart for future savoring!

Have a blessed day!


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