Happy Monday!!


Hello Everyone! Happy Monday! I went to pick up a Chai this morning and look at all these beauties that are already falling in my driveway. I hope the strange weather will not hamper the beautiful transition of the leaves.   By the way, did the prices go up for tea at Starbucks? I felt like I paid more but I wasn’t handing it back!! Too yummy.

I hope you are doing well and had a great weekend. I had a nice relaxing weekend with my family. I spent a long time on my deck on Friday reading and listening to the leaves blow in the wind. Saturday was another chill day and Sunday was football day. I hung out with Leao and watched football while the boys completed their homework.


Sunday was also National Comic Book day? Why do I know that? Well my oldest has had an interest in comics and creating comics for years. I always want to find ways to connect with him so, I started reading comics with him and even buying my own when we visit our local comic shop. So that’s how I find myself knowing when the Comic Con is in town or what day is the day of the National Comic Book day. I had big intentions of he and I reading in the morning some comics in honor of Comic Book Day but I realized I forgot to put in my spring bulbs. So Apollo came out and helped me plant my bulbs. By the time we finished, I didn’t get time to read comics with Nick. So today I will try to spend some time with him once he finishes his homework to read a few of his and hopefully one of mine.

I hope you all have a blessed day!


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