Happy First Day of Fall!!!


Sweaters, beautiful foliage, crisp morning air, bird watching, new beginnings, soups, books with a blanket, tea and pastries, walking the lake, pumpkins, apple picking, pies, fall fashion. What is there not to love about fall? It’s so yummy and truly my favorite season. Of course I realize a large portion of that list which wasn’t exhausted by any means, contains quite a bit of food, which is why I have to ramp up my workouts in winter!!

I remember last year, I couldn’t help but take photos all around town when I was running errands of the magnificent trees as they turned all their pretty hues of red, orange and yellow. When people ask me if I want to move from the northeast, I think of that list up top and despite the hard winters, I would truly miss this. I will never say never but right now, I love my falls in the northeast.

I hope if you are in the hemisphere that’s experiencing fall, that you take time to soak it in.

Oh and the photo above is of my miniature fairy garden.

Have a blessed day!


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