“Baby It’s Cold Outside”

thetempPart of my responsibility as a parent is to use logic to make judgement calls for my family, particularly the boys.  This morning I woke to this temp on my iPhone.  Many schools cancelled school in the area and I waited for ours to follow suit but as luck would have it, it didn’t happen. So I had a decision to make – bring them to school and dismiss them early so I don’t catch frost bite at pick up or keep them home for the day and provide an educational environment at home.

studiesWell my gut said, “Baby it’s cold outside, keep them home”.  So I armed myself with a few of our many workbooks and divided up sections I wanted them to work on throughout the day. After they were dressed and ate breakfast, I explained the cold weather and that today the school is open so we are not on holiday we are just going to work at home.  Then I gave them their first assignments. Nicholas would be focusing on his writing skills in the morning and reading skills in the afternoon.  Apollo would work on a little math, test prep in the morning and reading and cursive in the afternoon.

studyingFor reading in the afternoon, I took one boy at a time into my Reading Nook. Apollo and I read “World of Birds: A Beginner’s Guide“. I love birding and I want to teach him more so it is a wonderful book with amazing illustrations. He enjoyed it and I added a fun element to keep his interest. We used SIRI to look up the bird calls of the birds as we read about them. Because I want him to learn this information, we stopped after reading about Cardinals and will revisit to continue tomorrow.

For Nicholas, we begin listening to “The Emerald Atlas” audio book and I had him take notes to help enhance his listening skills. We listened to the prologue today and will continue a little each day until we complete the book.

Despite a bit of protest, I am convinced they liked the structure. I even provided a snack and lunch break and we finished our day promptly at 3;00.

Tomorrow back to school and I feel good that it was a productive day.

Not a bad day of homeschooling at the Fernandes’ house!

Have a great day everyone!


Fun Photos Friday #23: Movie Theater Adventures


Hello everyone! Happy Friday!  I can’t believe how fast this week went by. It has been spring break for my boys and we had a pretty fun week. On Wednesday, I took them to lunch and then we went to the theater to see, “Mr. Peabody and Sherman”.  But when we got there, this amazing display was up for Rio 2.  I told the boys to pose for me. And I was definitely the crazy mom that made them wait until all the people were out of the shot.  I hate when you take a picture and there is a random person’s arm in the frame.  I love how both of them, despite my telling them to look at me are looking to the side. They both have the same fake smile and are looking out of the frame. I also love how their coats match the birds.

I am going to do some crafting this morning and then wrap up our Earth day crafts with the boys this afternoon.  I hope you all have a great weekend.


Fun Photos Friday – #13

Happy Friday!  The week blew past and another weekend is upon us.

A new game guide arrived!

A new game guide arrived!

Clearly my boys have not inherited my inability to truly master basic gaming abilities.  Both boys seem to play their Wii and DS games a few times and then can run circles around most.

Nicholas also puts in time with game guides and online tips.  So when his latest game guide arrived in the mail yesterday, he was one happy boy.  I took one look at it and realized that even with a guide or online help, I am hopeless. So much so that when he asks me to “play” with him, he tells me to hold the guide and read for him. Which by the way is not playing.  What happened to Centipede and those games that I actually could play? I liked the simplicity of one control. Now you have to practically take a class to play some of the newer games. Oh well, I guess I must adapt…

Have a blessed day!


Keep Calm and Go to a Place called Turkey

Apollo’s candle he made in school.

Apollo who is in Kindergarten right now brought home the cutest candle he made in class to decorate the Thanksgiving table.   The best part was seeing his face light up when my mother-in-law put it in the middle of the table.

Keep Calm and Go to a Place called Turkey!

Nicholas being the quick crafter didn’t want to be left out of contributing so he made this cute sign to put on the table too.  He based it on the Keep Calm items we see flooding the internet lately. He is so up to date it’s amazing.


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