Project Life: Week five


I started posting these pages late so that I would always be ahead in their creation. But I have slowed down a bit so a quick catch up is happening so I can continue to post these weekly with ease.

week5aI was on an aqua and pink phase again with this two-page spread for week five. I really love how it came out. Some weeks, I am alright with the final result but this week was great. I  think it captured a lot of what was going on for us that week.

week5bI captured some fun in the snow. Leao sledding with the boys in the yard is so much fun to look at.  I captured the volume of snow we had in our yard. Even the town shrubs that spell out the name, looked pretty all covered in snow.  I documented the ups and downs. For example, I took the photo of Apollo when he had the stomach virus that was going around his school.  I even documented my One Little Word album.

week5cI think I showed these two photos of Nicholas and Apollo playing in the snow already but now you can see them in my layout for Project Life. I used some stickers to add some fun phrases. I used Heidi Swaps’ page protector that had the Live it Up! in gold on it. I thought it was fitting for the fun happenings.

week5dI love when I can catch Nicholas on film when he is having fun and smiling. He doesn’t like me to take his photo so this one means a lot to me.

week5fApollo is still easy going when it comes to me taking his photo. Thank goodness his snow suit still fit from last year because he loves to lay down in the snow.

week5eThe snow was high enough for them to have some fun sliding in our yard.

Overall a great week, aside from Apollo being sick. After I completed this layout I realized I forgot to include something very important – The Patriots’ winning the Superbowl!  I love football so I always try to incorporate it somewhere in my album. The problem is that I don’t want to add an insert to this week with the Patriot’s win. Eventhough it technically occured on this week, I am thinking about including it in the next week. I have newspaper clippings I think I might reference and put them at the end of the album. Still on the fence with this.

Anyway, I hope you finding time to fit some crafting into your day, because we can all use a little creative play!

I’ll be back next week with week 6!


Project Life: week four


week4aWeek four was a great week. I took the boys to Barnes and Noble for Martin Luther King’s Birthday to look at books. I love the picture of Apollo in his own world with a book on the floor in the bookstore. This was also the Readathon weekend and I smile when I see the selfie of Nicholas and I with our books. He was trying to give me rabbit ears!  After the Readathon, Leao decided to introduce Apollo to circuits. So he was so excited when the final step led to the little green light coming on.

week4I am really enjoying using this page protector with the three large 4×6 portrait oriented photos.

week4bI was so excited I could shrink down the picture of the yummy scones to place on this 3×4 card. The sentiment is spot on! Yummy!

week4cI am not a big fan of my handwriting but I liked making small photos to include information on my One Little Word project which is very important to me. I really want to educate myself more on charitable giving opportunities and humanitarian injustices. I want to find my way to what I can do to help.

week4rightPage two was really fun. I think this is one of my favorite page protectors so far. I like the flow of it. I included a picture of my ‘Wizard’ and love that they will both still like dressing up. I also included my continued love of smoothies with a photo of the way I prepare bananas for freezing and a picture of one of my new favorites, Orange Goji. One of my OLW goals was more connection with family and bringing back Family Game Nights was one of the best things I have done. We play once we finish dinner. It’s a nice way to end the day. Lately Old Maid has become a favorite.

week4dThis boy keeps me laughing. Look how he puts “Bee” his bear on his head while he reads. He had him there the whole time.  It was so funny, I had to capture it on camera.

Overall a great week with lots of memories to cherish.

I will be back next week with week five.

Happy crafting!


Project Life: week three


week3aThis year, I am really challenging myself to really just try new things. I would never use a 3×4 pocket as the title card for the week. But I saw this little girl and her balloon and I thought a sparkling 3 would look so cute in it. So I took the chance and I have to say I really like it.


Apollo still doesn’t like going to the barber shop to get his hair cut so Leao cuts his hair at home. I can’t resist peeking in and watching the usual drama unfold. I always hear Leao reminding him to stay still.  Apollo talks non-stop and of course he has to move so lot’s of fussing usually takes place.

I enjoy seeing the boys revisit using the Wii again. Nicholas even let me take a picture of him and his Mii fighter.  Then later in the week I received a book plate from one of my favorite authors, Sujata Massey to put in her new book.  I want the boys to see how important books are to me and that the authors are important to recognize too.

One of my goals for 2015 is to continue on my path to total wellness and exercise is a big part of it. So I like to capture me doing it to keep me motivated (and honest)! I have a girlfriend, Maria, who we check in via text daily with what we eat, what we did for exercise and general happenings. It has made a huge difference and she really motivates me. We share our “cheats” too as well as good smoothie recipes.  If you can find someone willing to do this with you it is a great way to keep motivated.

We inflated the air mattress and had a sleep over in our bedroom.  They loved sleeping in the air mattress. We have never done that before and they were so excited so I wanted to capture the memory for them.


Apollo loves his bear “Duffy” he got while in Disney World in October. I couldn’t help grabbing my iPhone and taking a picture of the love he was sharing with Duffy.  He still loves his stuffed animals and it’s so cute to watch. I know the days will be limited but it’s an adorable time in his life.

I have a thing about organic foods and smoothies. I have been drinking at least one smoothie a day for over a year now and love it. When I miss a day, I feel it.  So when I shop, I have major requirements. I decided to include a photo of my shopping list of one day I was doing my grocery run. I visit three different stores to get some goodies. I first go to Trader Joes and get much of my groceries and then Whole Foods where I can get all my smoothie add ins and organic meats. Then Hannaford for items they just don’t sell at the other two stores.  It’s exhausting when I do all three the same day but typically I don’t do this all on one day.


I included a picture of more footprints that the boys and I found outside.  Not sure what animal do you think it is. They were kind of small for a raccoon. I love eating plain avocado and sweet potatoes. Not necessarily together but it’s something I can’t get enough of. So one day, for lunch I was eating some Chicken Samosas and I usually have brown rice and the avocado but on this day, I felt like I wanted to eat the sweet potato at the end for a nice sweet finish to this spicy meal.  My mouth waters when I look at this photo. Don’t judge!

I took the boys  to see Annie at the theater and they can’t get enough of the recliner seats. I think it will make it difficult for us to go to a theater without them now.  I also included the tickets so that we could look back at the price and the fact that we had tickets. Because I know they will eventually do away with them too.  Their tickets were free that day because we joined the theater’s popcorn club. So they get a free ticket and snack for joining. The receive other fun items throughout the year and a little bag and membership card. I used a cool sticker that looks like those old punch labels we had back in the day.


Overall a great week and much of it captured in the album makes me happy that I am continuing this process. I will be back next week with Week 4.

Happy Crafting!


Project Life: week two


Here is my week two project life layouts. I filled it with the happenings for the week which was a lot of food, books, and cold weather.

week2aOne thing the boys like is Taco Tuesday which we do twice a month. So it’s really special to them. They like that they can assemble their tacos themselves. Apollo loves the meat, salsa and romaine lettuce on his and Nicholas likes only cheese and ketchup on his. I have never tried ketchup but I know Nicholas loves it. I even captured some homework help from Leao in one of the photos. The photo of the books were the workbooks I used with the boys when I kept them home due to the bitter cold. They thought they would be home and play and I told them school is still in but I believe it was too cold to go so I kept them home for a little homeschooling.  Leao thinks half way through the day, the boys were missing school!

week2bI thought it would be cool to include a picture from my pick up routine. I always go at least 40 minutes early, find a great spot and read until I have to get out and get them. It guarantees me at least 30 minutes of reading each day.  I love it and it helps me relax before their burst of energy enters the car.

week2eWell I will be back next week with week 3. I kept the design simple for this week and guess what? I’m ok with that.

I hope you are all finding ways to keep your precious memories. I like the ease of pocket scrapbooking to capture ours.

Happy memory keeping!



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