Project Life: week four


week4aWeek four was a great week. I took the boys to Barnes and Noble for Martin Luther King’s Birthday to look at books. I love the picture of Apollo in his own world with a book on the floor in the bookstore. This was also the Readathon weekend and I smile when I see the selfie of Nicholas and I with our books. He was trying to give me rabbit ears!  After the Readathon, Leao decided to introduce Apollo to circuits. So he was so excited when the final step led to the little green light coming on.

week4I am really enjoying using this page protector with the three large 4×6 portrait oriented photos.

week4bI was so excited I could shrink down the picture of the yummy scones to place on this 3×4 card. The sentiment is spot on! Yummy!

week4cI am not a big fan of my handwriting but I liked making small photos to include information on my One Little Word project which is very important to me. I really want to educate myself more on charitable giving opportunities and humanitarian injustices. I want to find my way to what I can do to help.

week4rightPage two was really fun. I think this is one of my favorite page protectors so far. I like the flow of it. I included a picture of my ‘Wizard’ and love that they will both still like dressing up. I also included my continued love of smoothies with a photo of the way I prepare bananas for freezing and a picture of one of my new favorites, Orange Goji. One of my OLW goals was more connection with family and bringing back Family Game Nights was one of the best things I have done. We play once we finish dinner. It’s a nice way to end the day. Lately Old Maid has become a favorite.

week4dThis boy keeps me laughing. Look how he puts “Bee” his bear on his head while he reads. He had him there the whole time.  It was so funny, I had to capture it on camera.

Overall a great week with lots of memories to cherish.

I will be back next week with week five.

Happy crafting!



  1. These pages are wonderful! Imagine looking at this in later years

    • Thanks Maria! I look forward to having them to look at especially when they are off in college . Maybe it won’t make me so sad they are gone. Ah let’s face it I am going to be one blubbering fool crying all the time when they go to college.

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