Project Life Week 13 – My Week into Wellness

projectlifelogo1Week thirteen was a week that was filled with my journey towards living a more clean lifestyle. If you remember one of my goals in my One Little Word project is to Connect more with my body.  What I mean is to find ways to learn more about improving my health, moving more through exercise, really connecting to what’s going on right now with my body so that I can treat it right, and of course connecting to better nutrition on a daily basis.  I really wish that nutrition were really taken seriously in school when I was growing up as well as today. Just think how much healthier our country would be if we all knew more. Like the saying, “If you know better, you do better”.  Knowing and truly understanding are critical so I have begun a journey diving into nutrition books to learn more.


I started buying cute smaller plates for my meals to keep it fun and to help with my portion control. Because, I am pretty sure you might find that ‘Seconds’ is my middle name on my birth certificate since I love going back for seconds at dinner!! I also started looking up clean breakfast options. I found a cute 3×4 card that was titled, “Hello my name is” and it made me think of the sticker you put on your blouse when you go to a meeting so people can see your name. I took it a step further and added letter stickers for my name and wrote a brief description underneath and included it in this layout.week13b

This winter we had so much snow that my plow guy, pushed too far and damaged one of my pots and raised vegetable bed. I knew it as soon as I saw the snow line and had to wait until the snow melted so I could see how bad the damage my raised bed took.  Not as bad as I thought and Leao said he will fix it despite the fact that my plow guy said he would fix it.

week13cSince books are a large part of my life, I had to include pictures of a great book haul I had that week. I realize now that this week was primarily about me. Which isn’t a bad thing. But it still feels strange to only have one picture of Nicholas and noone else.

I also bought a foam roller to start to help release the tension in my shoulder area as well as other areas of the body. I will say this, it is not for the weak at heart!  It hurts like when you get deep tissue massage because that is exactly what it does. I will figure out how frequently I will do it but glad to add it to my arsenal of wellness.

My sister always finds the funniest cards and sends them to me. Easter was no exception and I pretty much wet my pants the first time I read this one so I included a photo.

This week, was a hard week for Nicholas who came down with something viral that left him without energy and appetite. Eventhough I knew he would recover, it didn’t make it less stressful. It’s the worst thing to witness your child unwell.

The last photo is a Zumba photo I sent for check in with my workout partner and friend, Maria.  We have been doing this for a long time now and she keeps me motivated and honest on this journey. Everybody should have someone in your corner when you are trying to get in shape because it is essential to long-term fitness. I fess up when I cheat and share when I am doing good. It’s great to know someone else is there and going through the journey with me. Love it!!

Ok, I have to go enjoy the sun. 80 today!!

Have a blessed day!


Project Life: Week eleven


This week was filled with a lot of everyday happenings and I even had to add an insert to preserve some important memories.

week11gI was feeling blue about something and I stopped in for my weekly shopping at Trader Joes and I saw this little beauty in the flower section. She is my new orchid called Little lady. As if the beautiful flowers aren’t enough they had to name it that. Little Lady orchids are a true miniature of the typical Phalaenopsis orchid plant. They grow to no more than 7.87 inches high. Which is about a third of a regular orchid. Another bonus is that this Little Lady will bloom up to 12 weeks. I fell for orchids many years ago when I went with my mother to an Orchid show on Cape Cod. We both bought a few plants and so began my love affair. I add new ones to my collection when the feeling is right. On this day, the feeling was right. I have her in the pot she came in but will transfer her to something prettier soon. She is so small I have her on my desk so I can see her everyday while I work.

week11fI was a little down because Apollo had found out that he failed his eye exam and he would need glasses. I knew the chances of him getting glasses was inevitable but was hoping not so soon. But the picture above shows him the day we walked out of the eye doctor’s office with his first pair of glasses on. He was so happy and that eased my concerns for him.

I included a picture of the latest card I colored up and me reading at pick up. The last picture is so great seeing Apollo siting in a Hero Yoga seated pose. Of course he is just sitting playing and I walked by and told Leao to look and explained the flexibility required to sit that way and he just did it unknowing.  Love it.

week11cI added an 8×11 insert to hold Nicholas’ recent award from school for Integrity. I am so proud. These awards hold a special place in my heart even more so than the report cards. I love that he received this award. I am one proud momma.

week11b Breakfast with two of my favorite friends always makes my day.  My food was so yummy and filled me through lunch! A week of doctor’s appointments (dentist and orthadontist) filled the beginning of the week. Apollo took a picture of me sorting for mailing out the ATC happy mail. Busy week.


I like the vibrant colors of our breakfast place so I played off of that for my color selections.

See you next Monday with week 12.

Happy crafting!


Project Life: Week six


week6aHello Everyone! Happy Monday! I am really proud to say I am officially caught up on all of my Project Life. I had a major craft session this weekend so now I can enjoy the process more. I don’t enjoy it when I get too far behind. But I am going to try to modify my schedule a bit to keep up with it.

Week six was great. The Patriot’s finally were able to have their Superbowl Victory parade in Boston. It was delayed due to the volume of snow we were experiencing here.   I had to work so since I work from home, I was able to watch it live on the television. I took pictures and cheered standing in my living room just as if I were actually there. I also saved the souvenier newspapers with the win and will include in a 12×12 page protector at the end of the album. What a great season.

week6cI captured Nicholas working on his Science project in my craft room. I’m so proud of all his efforts. It was his first big science project that required a research paper and oral presentation. He worked very hard on it.

I included a screen shot of Google celebrating the first day of Black History Month as well as the first book I was reading for the month.  Despite the snow, I still was able to go to my friend Joan’s monthly crop at her church. We had so much fun eating, chatting and crafting.

Overall, a great week.

I’ll be back next week with week 7 for sure since I’m all caught up!

Have a blessed day my friends!


Project Life: week two


Here is my week two project life layouts. I filled it with the happenings for the week which was a lot of food, books, and cold weather.

week2aOne thing the boys like is Taco Tuesday which we do twice a month. So it’s really special to them. They like that they can assemble their tacos themselves. Apollo loves the meat, salsa and romaine lettuce on his and Nicholas likes only cheese and ketchup on his. I have never tried ketchup but I know Nicholas loves it. I even captured some homework help from Leao in one of the photos. The photo of the books were the workbooks I used with the boys when I kept them home due to the bitter cold. They thought they would be home and play and I told them school is still in but I believe it was too cold to go so I kept them home for a little homeschooling.  Leao thinks half way through the day, the boys were missing school!

week2bI thought it would be cool to include a picture from my pick up routine. I always go at least 40 minutes early, find a great spot and read until I have to get out and get them. It guarantees me at least 30 minutes of reading each day.  I love it and it helps me relax before their burst of energy enters the car.

week2eWell I will be back next week with week 3. I kept the design simple for this week and guess what? I’m ok with that.

I hope you are all finding ways to keep your precious memories. I like the ease of pocket scrapbooking to capture ours.

Happy memory keeping!



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