WOYWW – #164 – What’s behind the curtain?

My main desk in my craft room.

Hello Everyone!

I am super happy today, my best friend is flying in today from California for her annual visit that I have come to cherish.  We met in college and have stayed in touch over the years and I love her like my sister.

Enough of my chatter. You wonder what’s my title about? Well I have been coaxed by many of you to let my hair down and stop only showing my desk when it’s tidy (a rare thing around here). So today I am letting you begin to peek behind the curtain.

So if you are like me and you click on the photos, they enlarge to show even more detail (in my case “creative clutter”).  I manage to aways store stuff under my desk too. My chair is stragically placed to mask some of the madness under my desk (baby steps, I will share more of my clutter another time).  So when I am creating, I tend to take out a lot and don’t put away much until I finish or I can’t move and then I am forced to put stuff away. Yup, that’s my dirty secret, I tend to make a mess often.  So on my desk you will find some of my Copic markers, some Spellbinder dies that I haven’t put away (the irony is I am making a storage for them and haven’t completed it so I never put them away!).  You will find my momento and Jenni Bowlin ink pads along with my first copy of Cardmaking & Papercraft Magazine which most of you know it that are in the U.K. It cost so much here ($11.00 US) so I have never bought it. But with many of the US magazines closing, I took a chance and really enjoy it. So if any of you have old issues you can part with, I welcome donations and willing to exchange my mailing address to do so!! (yup, no pity in asking right?)

New cards I made for my Etsy store.


You will also note on my desk I have a little portfolio/inventory I started working on with all my digi images. It’s the black book on the right.  I started working on this a while back and return to it when I need a break from something else. The three birthday cards I made this week to put up in my Etsy store.  On the left I have two other work in progress cards. One is a gate-fold card that I just had so much fun cutting and scoring them. You will also see a MFT stamp and some greeting stamps and you can see I strung up my washi tape and hung it infront of me. I was inspired by one of your WOYWW’s that did that in their room. I am hoping it will inspire me to use them.  Oh and I have fallen a few days behind on my Italian calender word of the day. Hoping to get back into it.

A close up of the new cards and my digital image inventory.

Ok I will share more of my craft room next time.

Well I better get going so that I can start spanning the globe looking at other desks. If you haven’t learned about this amazing creative journey you can take every Wednesday, then head on over to Julia’s Stamping Ground and you will find desks from all around the world for What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Have a blessed day!





  1. I love your cards!
    They look so pretty 🙂

    And under my desk is big piles of stuff to put away, too 🙂
    Mary JO #96

  2. Thanks for the expanded view of your desk. I love your red chair. You also have a long desk like me, though I am reduced to an A2 pink mat size to work on and that shrinks when I am busy too. I have just taken a before shot, now to go tidy up and then the after shot, I will show all next week…I think…!

    Your name sake

  3. Hello! My first WOYWW today, and since I’m in at 128 (bit late, I know), I thought I’d visit all the 8s first of all and then see how much further I get! I’ve made it through the ones ending in 8, so now it’s all the 80s! Your craftroom looks amazing… I’ve been working in a temporary space and am just starting to plan how I’ll have my stuff when I get my new place, so this inspiration is great, thank you!
    Alison x

  4. I’m excited for you, I know the pleasure of a friend you love like a sister.
    and I know what it took to let mebehind the curtain..and it’s fine, I likethe view very very much!

  5. I love the baskets you use for storage. And the portfolio of all your digi’s…great idea.

  6. Hi Belinda, thanks for stopping by today. I am so far behind in my visits around the world. I did not get posted until this morning and that left know time to leave comments. Love your room and all of that wonderful counter space. Those cabinets on the wall, where did you get those? Well, talk to you soon. #81

    • Hello Joynana!

      I purchased the cabinets on the wall from IKEA and my sweet husband put them up there for me. I am still playing catch up too. Last week our power went out in a storm so I wasn’t able to do anything for a couple days then this week, life has been keeping me a busier than I like so I haven’t gotten around to visit much.


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