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Hello, my crafty friends! It’s Wednesday and you know what time it is. Time to snoop. For those of you that aren’t familiar with WOYWW (What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday), head on over to Julia’s Stamping Ground and you will find desks from all around the world where we get to snoop on other crafter’s desks.

Sorry I am late! But it was hot this morning and we took our boys to walk on the track. I recently decided that my boys were not getting enough movement in their daily lives since lockdown. I am very cautious on them going out, limiting them to mostly our yard, an occassional Target run and a weekly chai run to Starbucks. So I decided to take the 3 times a week to a local track to walk laps. Kids are definitely meant to be sedentary so I am hopeful this will help them. We are still experiencing a high heat and humidity and this morning they were slow getting up so it was a hard walk indeed.

Below you will find my lastest happy mail that arrived on Sunday and I immediately flagged the pages I want to color first. The dreamy water on the cover is so inviting. I miss the beach so much.

Below you can see the pages I flagged to color first. Aren’t they incredible! I don’t know how these artists come up with such cool ideas.

Some of the pages I want to color first.

Yesterday I went to Michaels to pick up the latest planner stuff. I am so thrilled that they are promoting black-owned businesses. This sticker pack and sticky notes are from IndynIvyInk.com. I love that there are black women on stickers. It’s lovely to see myself reflected in the products I use.

I thought I was going to only pick up the planner stuff but bam..A sale on patterned paper pads caught my eye. It was buy one and get two free. I walked past it trying to remind myself how much paper I have at home but then the pull dragged me back.

I selected these three pads. The first thing I did yesterday was to go through them and pull out pages I wanted to work with for some cardmaking.

Then I cut them down to 4 x 5 1/4″ and now they are ready for me to make some cards. I think I will make card sets with them. I will share photos once I begin working on them. The colors are so vibrant and the tiger patterned paper is so unexpected. I can’t wait to work with them this week.

Happy new! My oldest son, received some happy mail last week – his certificate and membership to the National Honor Society. He works so hard and I am so thrilled for him to reach such an acheivement.

My husband is going to make me fat! Here I am trying to exercise to lose my weight gain, and he has taken to baking while we are on lockdown. This time he made chocolate chip bundt cake. I can’t take it!!

Tall Zinnias.

A quick picture of me last week in my garden with my tall Zinnias which are finally blooming. They are so tall and the color is so vibrant. They are one of my favorite flowers so I am happy to see them blooming.

Many of you asked about the Totoe Bread from last week so I have included the recipe. I taste sugar more so I tend to reduce the sugars and it still tastes so yummy. Try it a couple times and I am sure you will find the balance that works for you. It is from a cookbook I bought in Jamaica many years ago. It is called, “Food of Jamaica“. Let me know if you try it.

Stay well ladies! I am going to make my rounds today since I was naughty last week and missed my snooping time!



  1. thank you for including the recipe! it sounds lovely. glad the boys are getting some exercise at the track. Helen #2

  2. Hi Belinda, I can understand your worries about the boys as they would normally get at least three hours a week of exercise and so many children have not been getting it so well done to you. The new papers look gorgeous and look forward to seeing the cards you make with them. The cake looks scrummy, will have to see if I can find the recipe. Wishing you a lovely week and a very happy woyww, Angela x16x

  3. Your desk is so neat! You bought some wonderful new items to create with. I also keep a box of card fronts to create with. Both your zinnia’s and your cake are beautiful! enjoy your week ~

  4. Thank you for the recipe, it looks good to make – and I do feel for you trying to lose weight and that chocolate cake looks so delicious! Well done on getting your kids to go walking, especially in the heat and humidity. It has been terrible in the UK, we’re not used to long stretches of high temps like this.
    And that is a gorgeous photo of you!!
    Hugs LLJ 1 xxx

  5. The cake does look great, thank you for the recipe. Your so right about the illustrators of the colouring books, so detailed keeping us all entertained, enjoy them just like your beautiful garden blooms. Happy WoywW Hugs Tracey #3 xx

  6. Thanks for the recipe Belinda, I have saved it so I can try it sometime. I have a few adult colouring books (in response to your question) but I must admit I don’t do much colouring in them. I tend to use my pencils on stamped images for cards. I do have some of the lovely Clarity postcards though so perhaps I should start smaller. Love those stickers, it is about time that everyone had the chance to see themselves reflected in crafting materials. Nice paper pads and what a bargain! Stay safe and happy belated WOYWW. Sarah #9

  7. Hi Belinda, how lovely to find those stickers- yet ina way I find it shocking really that such a thing comes as a nice surprise! Everyone should find themselves represented in crafting, as they should in everything. I do have a few colouring books, I tend to swap between them, and images for cards. I’ve really never been much of a colourer, found it hard to get results I was happy with, but am enjoying pencils much more than markers. The paper pads were a real bargain, I’d have found it hard to resist too. Stay safe, have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #4 X

  8. Well done on getting the children out – so sensible. It’s about time that you could buy craft products to cater for different races – i agree with Sharon. That colouring book looks fab. As for hubby cooking during lockdown – don’t knock it – i wish mine would !! Ha Ha Congratulations to your oldest son 🙂 Have a great week – sorry I am SO late! Soojay #22

  9. Susan Renshaw says

    First thank you for the recipe!
    did enjoy reading your page…
    How can you resist buy one get two free?
    Sorry I am late getting around.
    Stay safe and keep well…
    Susan #13

  10. OOh I will be trying the recipe for sure, normally only use cinnamon and nutmeg at Christmas so this will be a change! And the Bundt cake, what a star baker your man is! Congratulations to your son, an Honor Roll student, my word that’s something, you must be very proud…are you going to get a bumper sticker?!! I think you timed your trip to Michaels on purpose…bam, this papers wouldn’t have passed me by either, and I do believe I have enough to create with To last the rest of my life. Well. You’ll see it all soon, there’s work to be done in the room where it all lives and I will have to move stuff and empty cupboards. Argh. I’m pleased for you about the stickers, but really, isn’t it a nonsense that we suddenly in this very 21st century moment, consider this a find. Man, its really not working out as it should. And I cant tell which is more beautiful, the zinnias or you! You lovely woman you! I think they are a bit on the super tall size, well, compared to others Ive seen this year..perhaps you’ve bred a new species! Love your enthusiasm for the (lovely) new colouring book…marking the pages you’re going to do first, how enjoyable is that! Sorry to be so late, I read and then got utterly distracted, then came back for the recipe realised I hadn’t commented!

  11. You’ve got a lovely lot of things to play with, Belinda! Nice baking too. You look very happy!!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #18

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