What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday – #466

Good morning my crafty WOYWW friends! For those of you that aren’t familiar with WOYWW (What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday),  head on over to Julia’s Stamping Ground and you will find desks from all around the world for What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday.

This morning I am working on a new coloring book that I bought a few months ago. It is a lovely Korean coloring book called, “Romantic Country: Cocot–The Land of Beautiful Towering Castles by Eriy. I have found a bunch of wonderful international coloring books that I have added to my wish list. This one is so pretty. I found a colorist on YouTube that created a night sky on this page so I am following along trying to re-create her magic in my book. I am using my Prismacolor pencils and working through the stages of layering colors and then I will add stars. I will be sure to share the completed page when I finish. Update on last weeks’ craft project – the watercolored postcard.  I finished it and still haven’t mailed it off to my friend. I am pleased with it and will definitely be using the Inktense to color more of those postcards. You can see the finished postcard below. I like how vibrant the colors became once activated. I am pleased to say there was no warping or bleeding through so the postcard is perfectly useable. Ok, I am off to continue on this night sky and then to peek at your desks. Last week, I saw so many pretty and inspiring art. Thank you for sharing.

Have a crafty day!



  1. Hi Belinda, thanks for the earlier visit. Love the look of that sky, I zoomed in to get a close up. Please do share when it’s finished. The postcard turned out brilliantly, good thing to know that the pencils didn’t bleed through. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #16

  2. I bought a coloring book for a friend for her birthday last year. Yours looks so much more doable than the one I got her. Your postcard is out of this world. The colors are SO intense. You do great work with those pencils and watercolors.

    Happy WOYWW from #3.

    • I have some coloring books I picked up a few years back and now when I look at them, I don’t like them. I have learned that just like books that I read, I have certain “genres/types” that I look for. I am not too crazy about books with patterns. I like scenes and floral designs. I also know that not all paper is created equal and that some work better with my pencils. So now I am more selective about the books I purchase. Thanks for the visit!

  3. Hi Belinda, love the coloured works you’ve done so far. I have a lot of colouring books, and Prismacolour pencils, as well as Promarkers, but don’t do it as often as I should. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #9 XxX

    • Hey there lady!! Thank you. I hope you do pick them up soon. I have been really enjoying using my pencils lately. My Copics are truly jealous right now!!!

  4. Diana Taylor says

    Your colouring is looking great, I do hope you share the finished piece. I love the watercoloured postcard – what beautiful, vibrant colours – Inktense are such good quality, and lovely to work with aren’t they. Thanks so much for visiting earlier, I hope you have a great week,
    Diana #17

    • Thank you Diana! I will try to remember to share the finished page. I tend to jump around a bit so it might take a while.

  5. fab postcard! enjoy your colouring book. Helen #2

  6. Hi Belinda, I think your sky looks amazing so far 🙂 is the paper tucked in a like a blotter? is the color bleeding through the pages. the post card looks like a cool size that if you wanted to you could make it a fold card art focal point? ( I have piles of coloring books I do not touch) 🙂 ~Stacy #27

    • Thank you Stacy! The paper tucked in is so that I don’t accidentally move the page while coloring the edges and color on the page below. No it isn’t bleeding thru. The paper is pretty good weight in this book. I like the idea of placing that postcard onto a card. You should pick up one of your coloring books and put some music on and just begin coloring a page. I listen to podcasts, music, and audiobooks while I color.

  7. These colouring books are amazing should gorgeous images and love your colouring too. Happy woyww, Angela x15x

  8. The postcard is gorgeous, your friend will love it. I’ve never thought of looking for colouring tutorials on YouTube, what a clever idea, I’ll definitely look into that!
    Hugs LLJ 13 xxx

  9. Morning Belinda, I love what you are doing with the prismacolours. There are fabulous tutorials out there, I always think it’s a great help if we can actually see how mediums work in action and YouTube is a super resource for doing just that.
    Regarding the inktense pencils and them coming into contact with water, if you activate them by using a liquid it will make them permanent. I’ve posted a link attached to your comment on my blog which may explain what happens a little better than my rambles here.
    Thank you for sharing WOYWW Happy Crafting..
    Tracey #5

  10. I love the idea of a nightsky on that page, seems that it will be marvelous once it’s finished! Thanks for your visit to my blog yesterday… what a great idea to read ‘the world’!!! (I discoverd last week that I never read the famous book “Jane Eyre”… it’s a classic so shame on me! I plan to read it this summer!) Anyway, you asked about Dutch writers… I don’t know what style you like but I, myself, love the books “Connie Palmen” writes -I think these books are translated to English too (“The Laws”) I also found a list on the internet of Dutch writers… https://www.goodreads.com/shelf/show/dutch-authors Anne Frank’s diary is of course famous en also Herman Koch’s “The Dinner” is a prize-winning book.

    More countries/books I loved myself:

    From Norway; I am Dina (trilogy) – Herbjorg Wassmo
    From Sweden: Hanna’s Daughters – Marianne Fredriksson
    From France: Salt on our skin – Benoite Groult (my fave writer!) and/or the book she wrote with her sister: Diary in duo – Benoite and Flora Groult

    Have a good read!

    • Oh thank you, Marit! I will have a look a these recommendations. The Dinner sounded familiar and so I checked my book app and hee hee.. I own it! Thank you for all the other recommendations. Thanks for the visit.

  11. Hi Belinda! The colouring seems to be coming along very impressively! And I love the postcard – lucky recipient! Have a wonderful week! Lindart #29

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