thirteen1Wow where ever did the time go? I am so blessed to have married an amazing man. I love looking at the wedding pictures and thinking about the day and how many loved ones shared that special day with me.  As I grow older, I continually reflect on our journey together thus far. I enjoy the ease of familiarity in his presence.

thirteen2I think of all that we have accomplished together and independently.

thirteen3To this day, I am still in awe of the two boys that we made together. They are a major focus in our lives at this time and I still can’t believe that we received such a blessing.

thirteen4I think about how much love and support Leao gives me everyday and never take it for granted.

thirteen5The boys are being so sweet today. Especially Nicholas, who is being super helpful and kind to his brother today (which isn’t always a common occurrence). They are happy to have us both and I am happy we are able to provide them with the love and support to grow into the amazing men I know they will become.

If you haven’t guessed yet, yes, it’s my anniversary and I am still happy that our paths crossed so that we could unite.


I hope you all are well today and I will be back with some craftin’ happenings this week.

Have a blessed day!




  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Your wedding pictures are amazing!! You both look so happy! Hugs!!!!

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