Hey, hey it’s Wednesday!


Hello! I told you I am going to try and do better about writing posts. So here I am, mid-day spilling some content!  Yesterday was the boy’s last day of school. This morning I started us out with my morning walk. Although I had to go at a slower pace, they hung in there and made it to the end.

day1bNicholas ran ahead but by the end he was back with us.  This morning was warmer than usual so the slower pace was welcome.

day1cApollo had his Wii Fit Pedometer on so he could track his steps. I had my FitBit monitor so I could keep track of mine. They brought bottles of water in case the need to drink occurred (which it did several times).

day1dThe last leg of the walk they definitely showed signs of slowing down but I intend on taking them with me each day until they start camp July 7th. I want to make sure they move more this summer. Electronics really take away from their active play at times. So all three of us can get some active time each morning.  Besides I think it is a great way to start our day.

day1eI had a quick appointment at my salon and they sat quietly so I rewarded them with a trip to Chuck E Cheese.  Now first let me say, I am not a big fan. I usually call it Chuck E Sneeze because both boys often get sick after going there. But I discovered the secret – go right when they open, after everything is cleaned and no big crowd of snotty nosed kids (yes I am a bit of a germ freak!).

day1gI gave them each $5 to get tokens and told them when they were finished that we would leave and go have lunch at Panera.  Then we picked up a movie, puzzlebook and crayons for some relaxing time at home.  I ran up here to write my post and then I am going to have a little reading time with them once they finish watching some cartoon I am hearing in the background.  The best news is that I have leftovers tonight so no cooking for me hee hee!


Well, I am going to go find my book and put these feet up. I hope you are having a great day and any suggestions of nice activities I can do with my boys this summer are welcome.

Have a blessed day!


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