Project Life Week 13 – My Week into Wellness

projectlifelogo1Week thirteen was a week that was filled with my journey towards living a more clean lifestyle. If you remember one of my goals in my One Little Word project is to Connect more with my body.  What I mean is to find ways to learn more about improving my health, moving more through exercise, really connecting to what’s going on right now with my body so that I can treat it right, and of course connecting to better nutrition on a daily basis.  I really wish that nutrition were really taken seriously in school when I was growing up as well as today. Just think how much healthier our country would be if we all knew more. Like the saying, “If you know better, you do better”.  Knowing and truly understanding are critical so I have begun a journey diving into nutrition books to learn more.


I started buying cute smaller plates for my meals to keep it fun and to help with my portion control. Because, I am pretty sure you might find that ‘Seconds’ is my middle name on my birth certificate since I love going back for seconds at dinner!! I also started looking up clean breakfast options. I found a cute 3×4 card that was titled, “Hello my name is” and it made me think of the sticker you put on your blouse when you go to a meeting so people can see your name. I took it a step further and added letter stickers for my name and wrote a brief description underneath and included it in this layout.week13b

This winter we had so much snow that my plow guy, pushed too far and damaged one of my pots and raised vegetable bed. I knew it as soon as I saw the snow line and had to wait until the snow melted so I could see how bad the damage my raised bed took.  Not as bad as I thought and Leao said he will fix it despite the fact that my plow guy said he would fix it.

week13cSince books are a large part of my life, I had to include pictures of a great book haul I had that week. I realize now that this week was primarily about me. Which isn’t a bad thing. But it still feels strange to only have one picture of Nicholas and noone else.

I also bought a foam roller to start to help release the tension in my shoulder area as well as other areas of the body. I will say this, it is not for the weak at heart!  It hurts like when you get deep tissue massage because that is exactly what it does. I will figure out how frequently I will do it but glad to add it to my arsenal of wellness.

My sister always finds the funniest cards and sends them to me. Easter was no exception and I pretty much wet my pants the first time I read this one so I included a photo.

This week, was a hard week for Nicholas who came down with something viral that left him without energy and appetite. Eventhough I knew he would recover, it didn’t make it less stressful. It’s the worst thing to witness your child unwell.

The last photo is a Zumba photo I sent for check in with my workout partner and friend, Maria.  We have been doing this for a long time now and she keeps me motivated and honest on this journey. Everybody should have someone in your corner when you are trying to get in shape because it is essential to long-term fitness. I fess up when I cheat and share when I am doing good. It’s great to know someone else is there and going through the journey with me. Love it!!

Ok, I have to go enjoy the sun. 80 today!!

Have a blessed day!



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