Valentine’s Mailboxes



Well our 7-days of love has begun at our house. I completed these mailboxes last week and each has been placed near our beds waiting for love notes.  Each day I write 3 love letters and slip one in each mailbox.  Then at bedtime we all open up our mailbox and read them.  The first box, from left to right is Apollo’s then followed by Nicholas’, mine and Leao’s.

valentinesboxes2Of course I had to add flowers to my mailbox because I needed an excuse to use my glue gun and truly can’t resist using flowers.  I also got to use some old brads to attach the arrow so that it could spin.

valentinesboxes3I put it on my nightstand so it is ready to receive some love notes. The book on my night stand is a new one I bought to help me with my genealogy research. More to come on that project sometime in the future.  I you would like to get this cut file for the Silhouette you can find it here.

Have a blessed day!




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