What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday – #190

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is well. I am hopefully at the end of this cough that never completely leaves.  Anyway enough about my health, this weekend my baby (yes, I still refer to both my five and nine-year olds as my babies) was sleeping and fell out of the bed and split under his chin.  He ended up getting five stitches. The most amazing part about it was how brave he was the entire time. He laughed and talked to all the personnel at the emergency room and couldn’t stop talking to the doctor that stitched him up. As a matter of fact, yours truly had to recite the story of the Three Little Pigs with loads of embellishments while the doctor put the stitches in so that he would stop talking!  He’s recovering nicely now and will be free of his stitches on Friday.

On to my desk:

My latest card for my shop.

So what you see on the left is a book I created to keep my book club notes. I will post a separate post with more details about it later.  In the little container on the left is some of the stones I collected at stone stores. I have loved stones since I was a kid and love all the stories that are behind them so I thought I would put a few on my desk for some inspiration.

In the middle of the desk is my lasted card I am working on for my shop. It’s a Valentine’s card. I am debating the last detail – pearls and flowers or just pearls.  You can see all the markers I used to color up my image, a distress ink, spellbinder die, a fishtail die, a cutie valentine’s stamp I got at Michaels and oh let’s not miss my newest Essie nail color ‘Head Mistress’ (what? A girl has to take care of herself while waiting for the creative energies to arrive!).

There are a bunch of mini  hearts I punched on the right side of my desk. And finally that one lonely bean in my jelly bean jar.  I am in major need of a refill.

Ok I babbled enough. I am off to go check out your desks for more amazing inspiration.

If you haven’t learned about this amazing creative journey you can take every Wednesday, then head on over to Julia’s Stamping Ground and you will find desks from all around the world for What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Have a blessed day!


What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday – #184

Hello Everyone!!

Only a corner of my desk.

I am in the thick of things so the clutter has returned hence the corner of the desk is revealed. My cup of tea and oh so yummy dark chocolate covered shortbread cookies that I have been drooling over at Trader Joe’s are visible. Not for long, I tend to eat them so fast. (Nope, I refuse to look at the serving size for it will ruin the fun!)


In the middle on the stand is my first of many Valentines cards I have made.  She’s so cute I smile every time I pass by my desk and see it.  I used to display more of my work in my craft room but since opening my shop, I tend to securely store them so that they don’t collect dust or get damaged. Guess that means I need to make more stuff for me in here.  Where ever will I find the time!  Laying on the desk is a Christmas card from one of my crafty friends. Her cards are always amazing. You can’t  see it in the picture but in person the trees sparkle.

You can also see some new Valentines greeting farm stamps. I still need to cut them.  That is the only drag about them is that I have to cut them before I can use them.   The stamps next to the mug are two new ones’ I received in the mail recently.  One is an Indian princess and one is  a Chinese Princess. I have so much planned for them. It’s  a new company that I never used before so I hope the impressions are good.


Gift for my new neighbor!

I have  a new neighbor and I like to welcome people they move onto our street. Growing up on Cape Cod, I was used to the  joys of knowing our neighbors. The kids on my street played together and the parents looked out for you (of course then I would call it ratting you out when they saw you on a street you weren’t suppose to be on. Who me? No, I am not  bitter!!)  I loved visiting neighbors with my mum.  So I whipped up a quick card and bought them a little gift.  Once again, a simple card. I usually color the images now that I have my Copics but for time crunch, I didn’t and you know what? I actually really like it like this.


The card I made for them.



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