Preparing for Valentine’s Day


I am gearing up for Valentine’s Day around here. I am thinking of a “14 Days of Love” in our home. I want to make little love notes for Leao and the boys and give them one a day from February 1st to Valentine’s Day. So I have been scouring Silhouette’s store to find some quick cuties. I am also working on a banner to hang in my craft room. I like to include decorations in my craft room to get me in the mood.

Last year, I bought red metal mailboxes for each of us to decorate and place in a location so that each day we can exchange notes.  I found a cute mailbox on the Silhouette store and depending on how durable I can make it, I might make one for each of us.  My boys tend to be a little rough so paper mailboxes although perfect for me, might spell disaster. So I will see how it comes out.

Are you planning any Valentine’s activities in your home? I am always looking for more ideas.

Have a great weekend!


Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr.!!

“Faith is taking the first step when you don’t see the staircase.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King!  This morning during breakfast, I played for the boys Stevie Wonder’s song ‘Happy Birthday‘ that he wrote and produced in 1981 when he was campaigning to get Martin Luther King’s birthday declared a national holiday.

Growing up,  I  remember my mother used to play this song on his birthday every year and we would dance around to it. It became a tradition in our home.  So I thought this year I would introduces the boys to the fun.  Nicholas took to it fast and danced with me in the kitchen.

Today is a very special day for us all and I am truly grateful for the changes that came about as a result of all his and many other’s efforts.

When the boys get home from school today we will complete some coloring pages of Martin to hang around the house. I included a link to the pages below.

I have included a few links for more information on this amazing man:

Have a blessed day!




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