Silhouette Sunday #16: Apollo’s Silhouette Journey

apollosilhouette1Apollo has always taken a strong interest in my crafts and Belinda’s Crafts for a very long time now. When I am in my craft room, he always finds an excuse to come in and check on what I am doing. I bought my Silhouette Portrait about two years ago and he took to it immediately. Before it even arrived in the mail, he downloaded the software and started poking around.  When it finally arrived, he was thrilled. He loved seeing all the cool cutfiles. He liked that it was on the computer since that is one of his favorite activities.

apollosilhouette2jpgSo when he found out I was receiving the new Silhouette Cameo for Christmas, he began his pitch for taking my Portrait.  I told him he could have it, if he promised to take special care of it.  Well we finally set it up on his computer in early January and he has been loving it. I have been teaching him how to locate free files online and to always download the weekly freebie at the Silhouette’s store.

apollosilhouette3In the beginning of February, he downloaded a free heart valentine card from Silhouette and he set to making me a Valentine. I love that he has no fear of jumping right in there.

I often think of my friend Cathy, who got me to take the leap into the world of Silhouette,  when I watch him working on his Silhouette and how she would be so thrilled to see another generation having fun with it. So I hope she will get to see these photos.


Recently, he celebrated his 100th day at school. They had to bring in 100 of an item for some activities. So I sent him with dried beans.  But the day before he found online a website that a person made a ‘100’ card and he immediately thought he wanted to make one to take to school.  By the time I came to provide some help he had followed the persons instructions and selected the same font and size. So I took the opportunity to teach him how to use the duplicate tool and weld to create the card base and he did all the cutting.

apollosilhouette4I can’t tell you how proud I am of him and the look on his face when he took it to school to show his teacher and friends was priceless. At this rate, I might have to hire him in a few months to create some cutfiles for Belinda’s Crafts.

As Cathy would say, “They’re never to young to learn a craft.”

Happy crafting my friends and thanks for reading about my pretty amazing boy.


12 Days of Holiday Cards and Crafts: Day 7 – Candy tags

day7_Sweet_tags1Good morning and welcome to day seven of my 12 Days of Holiday Cards and Crafts! Wow today is such a craft or reading day. It’s pouring outside. We are suppose to have a Nor’easter today.  Fingers crossed the power doesn’t go out.  Only have to go out in it one more time later this afternoon to pick up my boys and that’s it, I’m staying put!

day7_Sweet_tags2One thing I do regularly is cruise around Silhouette store and Pinterest for inspiration and files. Last week, I came across this file. It’s meant to be a mini-scrapbook album.  I didn’t see that for me but what I did see is that I could reduce the size of the images and make them tags for the holidays.  They are suppose to be mint candies. I used some Reflections cardstock and cut them out.

day7_Sweet_tags3The file even came with the blank circle which was intended to be a photo mat for the album but turned out to be the perfect place for my To and From.  I could have used the Silhouette to write the words but I thought handwriting would make it more personal. I like looking at files and thinking of many ways to use them. It stretches my money and brain. I like the challenge of thinking of new possibilities.

Same plate prop as a few days ago.  In the rush, I didn’t grab anything new.

I hope you are home staying dry if it’s weather like mine and enjoying some craft time.

Have a blessed day!


The Making of Classmate Gifts


This is the first year that I didn’t go all out like normal and make gifts for the boys’ classmates throughout the year.  So I thought I would end the year with some bookmarks. Since all the talk is summer reading, I thought this would be a practical gift.


So I used my butterfly punch and punched out a bunch of butterflies and I used my Silhouette to design the bookmarks and cut them out. So I really only had to attach my butterfly and add twine to the top.  Of course 55 bookmarks later, I can tell you I am glad it is complete. Anytime I batch process a project, I start out all happy and towards the end I am near screaming for it to end!!

classgift3I made this batch for Nicholas’ classmates and teacher.

classgift2I made this batch for Apollo’s classmates and teachers.

Apollo couldn’t wait so he picked his before I sent them in to school today!

Have a blessed day!


Silhouette Sunday #10: New update for Silhouette Software

There is new update for Sihouette Studio. It is for all versions (Silhouette Studio and Silhouette Designer Edition). Before you download it, I think you should see what a few other’s are saying:

  • Kerri Bradford | Studio Yes, this is version 3. I wouldn’t update until more bugs are worked out. Word on the street is saying that the beta testers were even saying don’t update yet. I think overall you’d be fine if you really wanted to and if it was bothersome then you could reinstall the previous version that they have on the Silhouette site. So you can go back if you don’t like it. 

I would say if you can, hold off for the bugs to get worked out. Often times updates are rushed to release with the intention of some free troubleshooters (us) and then they make revisions.  I would also say hold off from the update if you are a beginner. The new interface and functionality can be a bit overwhelming.

Here is a link to the release notes

Take time to read them click on the links to see examples of what new functionality the new software will provide. 

I did update because I am up for the challenge of learning something new so I will add this to my list of things to help you explore here on Silhouette Sunday once I play around with it. Change can be very unnerving but overall I believe they are trying to give us more. Very exciting things are happening!

Happy Crafting!



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