Project Life Week 17: Hello There School Vacation Week


The challenge of documenting this week was because it included school vacation week (April 20 – 26)and we were out doing more things than normal. So I added an insert. Something I don’t want to do too often for it will make the album thicker than it should be. Some people split a year of Project Life between 2 albums. I don’t want to do that, so I will have to plan more when working on future weeks and keep it to a minimum.


We did some crafts and Nicholas worked on his comics. Apollo worked on his ATCs for swap and I worked on a few craft projects in my craft room. It was just great to have a break from school drop off/pick up and the whole routine and just relax with the boys. 


We spent a lot of time outdoors since the weather was actually warming up nicely. The construction of the boy’s clubhouse (now called Fernandes Studio) is coming along nicely so we spent time on their deck, talking and planning. At the beginning of the week, Leao’s Passat finally said goodbye so Leao being the amazing researcher and negotiator found what he liked and within days had a brand new Jeep.  He hung on to his car as long as he could but the commute is long and safety is a priority.  So it happened at a great time in terms of the kids were out for vacation week so we could drive and drop him to pick up his new Jeep.  I took a picture of Apollo saying his goodbyes to the Passat at the dealership.


We also went to the Zoo. Which for me is a mixed feeling experience because of the treatment of captive animals. But Apollo enjoyed seeing the animals.  I also took a picture of Apollo who loves to be around Leao when he is working in his office. So while Leao was on a conference call, Apollo camped out on our weight bench with his iPad. It was so cute I had to take a picture.


Above is the other side of the insert. Of course a trip to the bookstore was a must while the boys were on vacation. I scored three great books at the used bookstore. Two which I had on my TBR so that made me so happy. We spent time with Vovo and Papa and Apollo joined us to play this great dice game (Greed). The picture above he is celebrating with them, his win. He rolled 5 fives in one roll!  He was so happy. We also took them to Rainforest Cafe for dinner one night since they reminded me that the last time we went was in San Antonio!! Kids know just how to stick it to you when they want to.


I rarely use this page protector with four 6×6 pockets but I wanted to shake it up a bit. The top right photo above is so darn cute that I had to include them. It’s Apollo jumping around when we were at the Zoo. Doesn’t it look like he is dancing? In case you can’t see it, I included an enlarged copy below.
week17fI am slowly getting back to my craft table to work on my Project Life catch up. I will be back next week with Week 18. Happy crafting my friends.


November 2014 Cocoa Daisy Project Life kit

nov2014kit1My November Project Life kit from Cocoa Daisy arrived last week and I have been wanting to show you what I received this month.

nov2014kit2These stickers are great. I haven’t had Heidi Swapp stuff in a long time and I am glad to see she is still around.  Evalicous label stickers will come in handy and the tiny alpha stickers are perfect for when I’m running low on space.

nov2014kit3I found the colors for the November kit not the typical fall colors but I am up for the challenge to make them work. I love the 4×6 cards with the calender on it. I think I will use that in the first week of November in my PL album.

nov2014kit4I like the little messages on the 3×4 cards.


More wood veneer embellies in this kit. I like the ones with hearts in them.  I definitely am going to use the cork arrows. The stamps are clear and once I stamp them I can show them to you. One is a pair of sneakers. I could use them when talking about shoe tying with the boys.

nov2014kit5There are even more 3×4 cards.  These are really vibrant and I can’t wait to use them.

nov2014kit7This is the rest of the cards. I like the messages on them and can’t wait to work them into my album.

Well I am off to go work on some cards.

Have a blessed Monday my friends!


Project Life: Major Catchin’ Up Time!!

majorcatchupWhat???Behind!!!!!….yup I’m behind on my Project Life. What happened you say?  Life.

I am taking the glass half full approach and going to praise myself for the work that I have done, rather than the months I have not.  This year I took a different approach and think it for the most part has been very helpful.

My dear friend, Ashley and I have a virtual scrap every Saturday morning that we call our Craft Hour from 9:30-11.  We both grab our tea (think she has coffee) and check in at 9:30 and send a picture of our desk and which week we plan to work on.  Ideally it would be the past week but we didn’t start doing this until we were both behind.  Then at the end of the time we send a picture of our completed work. It has been so much fun. She lives far away so we cherish the time even if we aren’t sitting next to each other.

But life has managed to get in the way and I fell behind big time. So I decided to order a big batch of photos (May, June,July) and plow through it. They just came today so I am going through and sticking them into their appropriate week and then I will go back and embellish and add the journaling. The goal is to complete this by the end of this month. It’s still a rather lofty goal but I got to aim high.

When I finish with the album, I will make some videos to share the work in it’s entirety.

Are any of you working on Project Life and if so, are you being like me?

Well I am off but I hope you have a blessed day!


My March Project Life kit from Cocoa Daisy arrived!

marchmonthlyPLkit1I have been a subscriber to Cocoa Daisy’s monthly kit club for years now and I decided that I haven’t been doing much traditional scrapbooking as of late so I switched to their monthly Project Life Kits.  My March kit arrived this week. It is the third PL kit I have received from them.  One thing, I have noticed is that the new owner has been really trying to keep it fresh.  She surprised us this month with this cool bag that the items arrived in. The bag says, “Live a COLORFUL life”.  All of the kit supplies fit inside the bag.

marchmonthlyPLkit6After I use the supplies, I will have a cute little bag. I am really feeling the blues and green colors in this kit.  Even the stamp is blue.


It came with all sorts of cute PL cards, stickers and wooden embellies.

marchmonthlyPLkit3I can’t wait to use these colored vellum in my PL album!

marchmonthlyPLkit5These flag paper clips are so cute. I am going to be working on my PL album this weekend on my getaway and will definitely find a use for these cuties. I have a tendency to love the paperclips I get and that hoarder in me keeps them. But I am going to use these.

marchmonthlyPLkit4This cute Catch Phrase stamp is so cute. I have to make sure I ink it up and put it to good use in my album. I will be sure to share pictures when I use this stamp.

I have to say that so far I have enjoyed the PL Kits.  I will share next month’s when it arrives too.

I leave tomorrow for my Craft Escape so I might not post again until next week.

Happy crafting my friends!



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