Project Life: Major Catchin’ Up Time!!

majorcatchupWhat???Behind!!!!!….yup I’m behind on my Project Life. What happened you say?  Life.

I am taking the glass half full approach and going to praise myself for the work that I have done, rather than the months I have not.  This year I took a different approach and think it for the most part has been very helpful.

My dear friend, Ashley and I have a virtual scrap every Saturday morning that we call our Craft Hour from 9:30-11.  We both grab our tea (think she has coffee) and check in at 9:30 and send a picture of our desk and which week we plan to work on.  Ideally it would be the past week but we didn’t start doing this until we were both behind.  Then at the end of the time we send a picture of our completed work. It has been so much fun. She lives far away so we cherish the time even if we aren’t sitting next to each other.

But life has managed to get in the way and I fell behind big time. So I decided to order a big batch of photos (May, June,July) and plow through it. They just came today so I am going through and sticking them into their appropriate week and then I will go back and embellish and add the journaling. The goal is to complete this by the end of this month. It’s still a rather lofty goal but I got to aim high.

When I finish with the album, I will make some videos to share the work in it’s entirety.

Are any of you working on Project Life and if so, are you being like me?

Well I am off but I hope you have a blessed day!



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