30-Day Coloring Challenge: Day 5 – Gift boxes


Oh today was a bit trickier. I am still visiting with family today. But I ran into the dining room with my Copics and got to coloring. I colored up another image from the PowerPoppy set.  This image is so cute and I definitely want to use it on come birthday cards. I like coloring presents. I used some go to color combos. I didn’t finish the image because we need to go soon. I am trying to decide if I want to make the flowers a yellow shade or violet. Suggestions welcome.


I also printed up the color chart for the Copics. I haven’t done this in a long time and have new colors that aren’t on the old chart.

day4bIt looks like I have less markers now. Guess I need to go marker shopping!!

Well I am so pleased that I made it to day 5 of this challenge. I always start strong and then drop off but I am determined to keep on. Thanks for taking the ride with me.


30-Day Coloring Challenge: Day 4 – Best Book Ever



Today I am away from my craft room visiting family. I took 30 minutes out and colored for 30 minutes at my mother-in-law’s dining room. The natural light pouring in from the windows is absolutely amazing. So as not to be rude I only colored up one image from that same set from PowerPoppy.

imageThis stamp has many of things I love all in one image. It has flowers, tea and a book. I am going to play around with different color combinations when I  get home. This would be a great image for a bookworm friend especially on her birthday.

Hope you are having a fun weekend. I am happy because after a long winter of isolation, today we get to spend time with family and I’m pretty sure I might win a round of Old Maid tonight (perhaps positive thoughts will lead me to victory!).

Have a blessed day!


30-Day Coloring Challenge: Day 3 – What’s Up?


Today, I am feeling a little yucky but I did push myself to fit some coloring in. This is where this challenge works wonders. Because I normally would have said, skip it, I’ll do it tomorrow.


I have some new stamps from PowerPoppy that I have been anxious to color. They are small so I thought today would be the perfect day for them. I love teacups, tea and all the fun rituals around tea so if I see something related in a stamp, I pretty much have to have it.

day3bThe first thing I did was look for color inspiration. I think this is one of the areas I struggle with when I work with my Copics. I don’t look at an image and instantly know what color combos I will use. So often I will leave it to the professionals and look at paper packs or magazines. Since I have a zillion paper packs I usually grab them.Today I grabbed, American Crafts ‘Everyday’ paper pack. I bought this a long time ago at Target. I just fell in love with the vibrant colors.

day3cThe next thing I did was look at a combo sheet I have to see if any of them were close to the colors I liked in the paper pack. Then I test them on scratch paper. I have scratch paper around when I color. One sheet to test color blends and the other goes under the image I am coloring to absorb the color as it bleeds.

I hope you all are enjoying your coloring. I am going to go have lunch and see if that makes me feel better. (Food often improves my mood!)

Have a blessed weekend!



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