Happy Monday: Work in Progress

Good Monday Morning! I think I have tried to keep it real with you all when sharing on this blog. It is my intent to connect with you and provide sneak peeks “behind the curtain” of Belinda’s Crafts from time to time. It is also my hope to eventually feature new products and announce specials for new products going into my shop. But in addition to that, I want you, as reader and customers to understand more about my business through this blog by learning more about me and my interests as well as share the ups and downs of running my own business. That said, I would like to share my recent challenges and possible solutions.

Every business has ups and downs for that is the nature of building a business and the sooner this is fully grasped, then that is when the real magic may occur. Because it is really how business owners handle the lows that set good business owners from great ones. The ability to balance life with family, creative drive, confidence and the actual work have been major factors in my experience and I have not always handled them well. What I have noticed lately, is I have been procrastinating putting in the time even when I do have time and making excuses when confronted whether by a friend or myself as to where I am at.Here’s what I know doesn’t work for me:

  • Winging it. Just creating when I have a serious desire.
  • Only working when I have large chunks of time.
  • Not setting aside time to plan my monthly and weekly goals.
  • Not planning my week’s schedule the Saturday before.
  • Not providing specific deadlines.
  • Looking on Instagram

Here’s what I believe works for me:

  • Using my planner to schedule my weekly tasks and sticking to it.
  • Working even on days I am not inspired.
  • Staying off Instagram because although there is inspiration there are also factors that lead to daggers in my confidence.
  • Not comparing myself to others and having confidence that I was created with a unique gift to offer the world as we all are and to focus on my abilities, not others. Envy is draining and quite frankly a waste of time.
  • Setting deadlines and stick to them. If I miss one or two, not to let that keep me from moving forward.

So the funny thing is that I was lost without the use of my planner to guide me along my journey. I had been using it faithfully and then all of the sudden I just stopped and so did any progress I was making. So this past Saturday, I cleaned my desk and sat with my planner and scheduled my weeks’ work. I can’t tell you how much of a burden that has lifted. I woke with so much joy and pep in my step this morning knowing that I planned my path and all I need to do is sit down and work little by little towards my deadlines. I really am looking forward to my journey this week. I will not allow past setback weigh on my mind while I move forward.

I hope you all have a blessed Monday and thanks for taking the time to visit!


Revisiting my wellness goals.

wellnessplanner1I wasn’t even looking for this when I walked into Michael’s. But there it was on a rack right in the front of the store. I currently keep track of my fitness routine on my iPhone with two apps.I use my Fitbit app to keep track of my steps, track my sleep and log my weight and the other is called fitlist and I keep track of my weight training sessions.  So a wellness planner was pretty much the furthest thing from my mind. But curiosity got the best of me and I had to take a peek. But I tell you what, I liked what I saw. It is a disc-bound book which I am familiar with but never owned. I usually have spiral or 3-ring books. The first thing I noticed was the great photography and sentiment as well as the cute page flags that are connected to the front of the book. wellnessplanner6In the inside it has beautiful bright colors and a nice overview that allows me to see my 12-month progress at a glance. I like how it doesn’t have the dates already written in so that I can start where I am rather than the traditional calender that begins in January.wellnessplanner7On this page it has a place for me to reflect on my progress, think about what works and doesn’t work and plan on changes to meet my goals. I can also include a selfie to have a visual of where I am at each interval. wellnessplanner8Now I have read over and over how keeping a food journal can really make a difference when it comes to eating healthy. I typically start one and then quickly stop or I don’t include the “extra cookies” I might have had on a particular day.  So I am going to really try to push myself beyond my comfort zone and try to do this. It also has a place I can keep track of my water intake. I tend to do well in the summer but horrible in winter when I am cold. wellnessplanner3The stickers included are so cute and I love the vibrant happy colors. So I plan on really using them as opposed to hoarding them.  Which I might add, is very tempting!wellnessplanner2It comes with 4 sheets of stickers. wellnessplanner4The final detail that I love is the hearts in the discs. Such a pretty touch. I bought the planner with a 50% coupon and I also bought the coordinating punch so I can make and include my on pages with another 50% coupon. I plan to include some of my favorite tips and clean recipes with the punch. So it was a very inexpensive investment. I will share and update as I get further in the process.

I know it’s easy to fall out of the habit but I am hoping to find ways to keep my interest up.

If you have time, stop by Michael’s and check them out and let me know how you use yours. I am always open to more ways to move towards better wellness.

Have a blessed day!



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