Happy Birthday to my sweet boy, Apollo!

Toys R Us trip.

Toys R Us trip.

It’s Apollo’s 6th birthday today! Where did the time go? I remember it like it was yesterday, no I really do.  In a blink from diapers to first grade. Wow.  He is one amazing boy that has brought joy to our lives and today we are going to celebrate.  He said he can’t wait to open his presents.  I hope he can get some sleep.

At Toys R Us store, if you tell them it’s your child’s birthday they give them a crown and balloon and they announce over the PA system that it’s your childs’ birthday and if patrons see him walking with his balloon, to say Happy Birthday.  This is the second year we did this and he was just as thrilled as the first time.

Birthday card I made for Apollo

Birthday card I made for Apollo

I made this easel card for his birthday and used my Silhouette to cut the balloons and used some corrugated paper from DCWV that I recently purchased.

I am loving easel cards right now.

I am loving easel cards right now.

I love making easel cards and thought he would like this.

The balloons have a pretty shimmer to them.

The balloons have a pretty shimmer to them.


We will take him out to dinner tonight just the four of us and then next week he will have a party with his friends.

Well I am off to play with the boys.

Have a blessed day!



Fun Photos Friday – #8

It’s been a while since I have posted a favorite photo for Friday. Well not only is it my favorite by it has my three favorite people and it was taken on Friday.


First day of school pick up with Dad.

Most days I pick up the boys from school alone. Leao is at work and can’t be there. Today was the boys first day of school. Apollo’s first day in Kindergarten and Nicholas third grade.  So having dad waiting there for them when they came out of school was a proud moment for us all. I love these moments and will always cherish them.


Fun Photos Friday – #6

Leao and the tree

The Story: My oh so strong husband after pushing down the tree in our yard!

So I did take this picture of Leao and the tree that was being removed from our property. It has been a long time coming and we caught it just in time before the carpenter ants destroyed it more.  Please note the appropriate shoewear that he is wearing while creating this amazing feat.


Arborists and tree

The Truth: It took several arborists and a truck to bring down this tree.

I find that I am facinated at how much knowledge and skill is required to take down a tree without errors. If you look closely you will see the rubber ats they layed down on the grass.  Well as they cut large limbs off of the top of this massive tree, they would push them down and they landed directly on the mat then would roll to the edge and fall to the street where the other arborists would put them in the truck to be cut up.  When they brought down the final tree truck, they moved the truck to the precise angle before he laid into the tree with the chainsaw. It was amazing.


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