Ebook Bargains: Scifi and Fantasy Edition

ebookscififantasy1Let’s face it, I have plenty of books in print that I own and have not read yet. But the booklover I am, I can’t pass up good eBook bargains. I bought these three within the last two weeks at deep discount. Although some of them may have gone back up in price, most aren’t too much higher than what I originally paid for them. They don’t take up physical space in my home so it’s quite easy to collect a heap of books. These three are the latest in the scifi/fantasy category.

The most recent is called “A Mortal Song” by Megan Crewe. Is a stand-alone fantasy that some have described it as “Japanese folklore meets Percy Jackson/Harry Potter-ish” story.  I was first drawn in by the cover art and then the description and then the price of 99 cents sealed the deal. The author has won some awards and has written quite a few books so that also was a selling point.

The second one is called Curse” by Dale Furse, an Australian Female Science Fiction author. This book is the first in a trilogy. The cover is more stunning in person, the three books all cost $2.99 each and I can loan them to others on Amazon Kindle accounts. The book is a bit of Scifi/Fantasy and maybe coming of age story. The main character finds out that she is a mix of two warring alien species. I think it will be fun to give this one a go.

The final one is called “Fool’s War” by Sarah Zettel. I bought this one for 99 cents a few weeks ago. This blurb kind of sold me on this one:

“Displaying “the influence of Asimov’s robot stories and C. J. Cherryh’s elaborate, sophisticated spaceship adventures,” this is a science fiction masterpiece that asks the thought-provoking question, “What if the next great life-form with which we must contend isn’t from the stars but from our hard drives?””

So those are three. I will try to pull together my finds by genre to make it fun and easy to share with you all. Perhaps it will get me to read them sooner when I pull them out and take a look. In my mind, they can always be read on the go (trips, appointments, in-between print books) so I don’t mind collecting them at such deep discount.

Happy reading my bookworm people!



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