Happy Monday – December 5th

dec5aGood morning everyone! Wow didn’t last week really fly by? I mean time goes faster or so it seems as we get older but last week was a blink! I hope you’re all doing well. Well it’s officially December and we are rocking around trying to get ourselves ready for the holidays. Last week I pulled out all of our lights and Leao checked them to make sure that no bulbs needed to be replaced.  Then this weekend we hung them up and we also winterized our deck. We got the boys to help but let me tell you my boys are not interested in cleaning or putting things away. So it’s kind of like pulling teeth from time to time. But in the end we got it done so it was worth it.dec5fI’m really glad that we winterized the deck this weekend because we woke up to the white stuff out there this morning. It’s just a coating right now but it’s just reminds me of what’s to come. As much as I complain about snow I secretly love days when it snows and we know it’s gonna be a snow day and I can sit in my craft room and just look out the window down the street at all the pretty snow as it falls down. Knowing that I don’t have to actually go anywhere always makes snow so much more acceptable. But the days that I have to shovel, run errands, do drop off and pick up, and shovel again, those are the days snow and I simply aren’t friends!

dec5b We had fun this weekend at my in-laws and watching our quarterback make history to become the all-time quarterback wins with his 201st win yesterday. That was a good way to end the weekend ok and maybe a little piece of pie that I ate helped too (don’t hate).dec5d

Last week, I decorated the inside of our home with Christmas decorations and was feeling the red and gold this year so there’s an abundance of it in my house right now. Love it or hate it that’s how I’m rolling with it this year.  I usually decorate when the boys are at home but I decided last week to wait until they went to school and spent much of the day putting tings away amnd putting out the new decor. I even made them some chocolate cupcakes so that the house smelled good when they came home. It was really fun to see their reaction when they came into the house and saw all the decorations and the smells of chocolate in the air. I know I always remembered that with my mom. I loved coming home from school to her baking and the house filled with decorations she would put up for the holidays. It made it feel so special.  I hope that these things will stick with them throughout their lifetime like it has mine.dec5e I also finished a book that I was reading that took me forever to read so I should be putting a book review up this week for it. So be on the lookout. I already started another book this weekend that is just a pleasure to read and  it’s a real quick fast read so it’s just what I needed right after that heavy book I read for the past few weeks.

We stopped by to see our town’s annual tree lighting and I took this picture of the boys capturing the moment for themselves. This year we were smart and showed up close to the time rather than freeze like we did last year.

I hope you’re all doing well and wish for you a blessed week!



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