One Little Word 2015

Good morning! I hope you all are well this sunny morning. It’s sunny here with a little drop of snow on the ground.

I have been participating in the One Little Word class with Ali Edwards for several years now. Each year, I have chosen a word fairly easy. Last year, I chose Listen. I have learned that you never are really finished with the word at the end of the year, you just incorporate it with you life and move to the next. So although I still feel Listen is a great word and there is always more to be done, I think I need to move to a new word for 2015.

This year, I began seeking my word in November.  I went through many words but none seemed to resonate. Then the pressure built when Ali announced her word, ‘give’. I liked it because the past few months I had been moving towards establishing more charitable work and giving in my life.  But again, something didn’t quite connect. Then I looked at the word ‘engage’ and while exploring the definition and synonyms, I  saw the word ‘connect‘ and everything fell into place and my word for 2015 was selected.

I am excited by the possibility of how the word  Connect might change my life.

When I think of connect I think of:

Connecting to family – Over the years, I have allowed too much distance with my family and extended family. Technology which is wonderful has taken over my family and I hope to find more ways to connect with Leao and the boys without technology. I would also like to find ways to connect with extended family that don’t live so close on a regular basis.

Connect to friends – I want to find more meaningful opportunities to connect with new and old friends and not just texting!

Find the connection to all beings – I want to use my spiritual beliefs and my continued research on poverty and humanities other struggles, to connect to those in need through compassion, understanding and giving.

Connect to my fitness – Continue on my path to well being through regular exercise and healthy eating.

Connect to my customers – I want to find ways to connect with more customers via my Etsy shop and offline sales opportunities.

So for the class each month Ali provides some things to do (sometimes crafty sometimes journaling) to help us keep our words present in our lives. So I will share some of the these activities as I work through them.  This will be a big help because each year I start fairly well then somehow life and priorities shift and I let go of my promise. This year, I hope to push myself through the entire experience.  Because I do believe in the process I know that pushing through with my word will create new possibilities in my life. So now you can have a front seat while I work through this process.

What’s your word for 2015?


Confessions of a Scrapbook Kit Hoarder…The Intervention!

Overflowing storage bins filled with kits

Overflowing storage bins filled with kits

I have a confession to make…I’m a scrapbook kit hoarder!  I have subscribed to scrapbook kit clubs for over 8 years now.  In the beginning I would get my kits in the mail and pick through and make layouts with all the coordinating papers. It was so nice to have someone else do that sort of thinking for me.  But then slowly I started looking at the kits differently. I started to say, oh this paper is so pretty oh and this embellies is so cute, I can’t possibly violate them by using them on a layout.  And one after another, the kits started coming in and I keep waiting for the “perfect” layout to use the products.

Ended up buying another bin  to fill with kits.

Ended up buying another bin to fill with kits.

Then about 3 years ago, I started making cards and abandoned the whole traditional scrapbooking process. I dabbled here and there with mini projects like ‘Week in a Life” with Ali Edwards and December Dailies but still not parting with my prized stashes of kits.  As a matter of fact,  I would buy different paper for these projects rather than finding a way to make my stash work.

This shelving contains other items but much of it is ancient kits.

This shelving contains other items but much of it is ancient kits.

This past year, I told myself that I wanted to dip my foot in the water of scrapbooking again.  So for 2013 I have been working on a Project Life album.  Which I am proud to say also after many failed attempts in years past is actually getting completed. I worked out a system that works fairly well.

Another thing I have been doing to get my scrapbooking mojo on is listening to great scrapbooking podcasts while I work in my craft room.  The one I listen too most is called Paperclippings and I went ahead and subscribed to their podcasts.  The lovely part is that the host has guest panelists that talk about different aspects of scrapbooking.

The most recent one talked about kits and I felt like I was meant to hear what they were discussing. One panelist in particular (Tracy Banks) talked about how on her blog she shows her process on how she uses her kits.  Thus using practically all before the next kit arrives. Not a new idea but presented in such a way that I have decided this was just the intervention I needed to break the hoarding cycle.

So I am going to start a new series on my blog documenting my journey to freedom. I will start with my most recent kit from Cocoa Daisy which is the September kit. So come back to see if I can stay on the right path.

If you come to visit, maybe I can inspire you to break the cycle.

Happy crafting!



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