Another 2018 Reading Challenge: 52 Comics

Well if you visited recently you might have heard about the Literary Around the World Challenge that I am participating in for 2018 to take my reading adventures around the globe. I have decided to add one more challenge. (For someone who doesn’t like the stress that most often occurs from challenges, I sure am soaking them up at the start of this year!) I found the idea from Book Riot but it aligns so nicely with my desire to connect more with my oldest son. He enjoys reading comics and each summer for the past few years we even go to the annual Comic-Con. So I decided I will read one comic a week for the year. It doesn’t sound too hard. So I will post updates monthly of the comics I select to read.

Here is a peek at my first comic I read last week is a comic I bought at the most recent Comic-con from the author and illustrator. I even got their signature. I will be back later this month to share more about this comic and the other three comics I select.

Happy reading!


Belinda’s Book Nook: Reading Challenge for 2018

Hello, my bookworm friends! As we close out this year, I have begun to reflect on my past year of reading and think about my reading plans for 2018.  As tempting as challenges can be, I have found that I start out excited and then at some point, the fun is gone because the effort becomes a chore. I believe this occurs for the following reasons:

  1. I’m a slow reader.
  2. I’m forced to read stuff I don’t enjoy.
  3. I am a mood reader.
  4. New books that I like are released and I can’t wait to read them.
  5. My other interests (my business, family, etc.) require more attention.
  6. I see all of the other people online blowing through the challenge with ease and I get a little book envy.

Then I usually duck out of the challenge. However, this year, a fellow book lover, Myra, of Gathering Books, who I have met in the blogosphere has created a challenge that speaks to my heart. For a bit now, I have been slowly (ever so slowly) pushing myself to find books from different countries to read to broaden my experience.  I have even created a spreadsheet to keep track. (total book nerd) Some people call this “global armchair” reading. I know I will not be able to physically go to all of the locations but the beauty of literature is that it can take you anywhere for free and open you to so many new experiences. So when I read her 2018 reading challenge which is called Literary Voyage Around the World Challenge, I started beaming. I knew I had to sign up. Myra has created various levels to help people find a goal that is more achievable for each participant. The following are the levels:

1. Literary Hitchhiker – 25-40 countries
2. Literary Vagabond – 41-60 countries
3. Literary Explorer – 61-80 countries
4. Literary Adventurer – 81-99 countries
5. Literary Globetrotter – 100 countries and above

Because I do also have some other goals in mind for my reading which I will announce in upcoming posts, I will be aiming for Literary Hitchhiker.  I will be sure to post my journey and reviews while reading my way through this challenge. If you would like to participate or just read about great books do visit her blog, Gathering Books, which is simply amazing.  She also provides details on how to determine a criterion for your selections which is very helpful.

Ok, I am off to check my shelves first for some books that I haven’t read that meet the requirements.  I know I own a lot so that is a step in the right direction.

Wish me luck!!

Happy reading my friends.



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